How to Fix iOS 6 Maps Issues [Full Guide]

There is no big news the fact that the famous Apple Maps app is not that great as it was expected by the most of users. The app still encounters several problems and it does not offer accurate results to users in most of the cases. However, to be honest, an app with this magnitude cannot be created over night. There are huge databases to be created in order to cover the whole world. In addition, even in these cases, there must se some places in the world where Apple Maps is not that precise.

ios 6 maps, ios 6 maps issues, fix ios 6 maps issuesWith the latest iOS 6 maps system released, Apple is planning to solve some of these unfortunate problems related to their mapping system. Whenever you encounter any problems with the Apple ios 6 Maps system, you are free to report the problem to their services. If you want to Report a Problem, you have the option of sending them an error report. This option is to be found right next to the Print option. Choose what type of problem you have encountered and send it to them. You can report a bad name for a street or a neighborhood, or some bad directions for a certain location. This thing will definitely help Apple to understand the problem and to fix it in the future.

When you are looking for a particular restaurant or a pub in your town and you cannot find it even if you are in the right place on the map, the most probably is that the respective location is not in the Apple Maps database. In this case, you can easily Add Locations and Businesses on the iOS 6 Apple Maps. For this, you need to go back to the Report Problem section, and in the error report, you need to mention what is wrong in this particular case. You can easily add your favorite fast-food restaurant, gift shop or even club. In this way, people in your area will easily find it whenever they search for it using the Apple mapping service.

Taking into consideration how things are right now, I am sure that Apple will receive and answer each suggestion and report, in order to make their service more accurate and more precise.

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