How to Fix iMessages App Error on iOS 7

Every new operating system encounters its own problems and issues and iOS 7 is not an exception. After multiple errors while signing to the latest iTunes version, users have complained about the iMessages app.

Apparently, the app is causing users multiple problems such as spam attacks or downtime period. Now, with the release of iOS 7, some users have been noticing that some messages are not sent or received properly at all times. However, this is not a rule. On the other hand, there are plenty of users who are pleased with their message service, which is working perfectly on their brand new upgraded iOS 7 devices.

How to Fix iMessages in iOS 7

However, for those who are in this situation, do not despair. There is a solution for this problem, and iMessages app can become functional in no time. As a matter of fact, the old faithful solution, to restart the iOS device a couple of times, might fix the error. Some users have tried this solution, and they confess that the problem is gone.

The other solution for the iMessages Not Working issue is a little bit more complicated than restarting your device. If the first method is not successful, feel free to follow the next steps.

Step 1: Deactivate iMessages app from the iOS 7 handset. For this, go to Settings and tap on the Messages.

Step 2: The next step requires resetting networking settings by browsing through Settings, General and Reset. This process will reset the Wi-Fi hotspots so users will have to reenter each saved password for wireless networks.

Step 3. After resetting network settings, repeat the first step in order to reactivate the iMessages app. As most of the users confirmed, this method helped them to fix the iMessages app error.

However, these kinds of problems are usual for a new version of operating system. The good news is that Apple works hard in order to fix all these problems with subsequent updates to iOS. Some other users suggested that changing the iMessage app with standard SMS might help fix this problem since messages are simple send via iMessage.

As in the case of the previous iOS update released last week, which brought a couple of security updates, the most probably is that the Cupertino-based company will release a different update in a couple of days for the iMessages and iTunes errors.

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