How To Fix Failed To Fetch Cydia Issue after Jailbreak

After performing the famous untethered jailbreak using Evasion, some users complained about several issues and problems. There were Cydia issues, weather issues or many other problems. However, the most important one was the fact that Cydia Store crushes each time when users tried to launch it. The most notable problem was the Cydia impossibility to fetch the Hackulo source. Here, you will find out how to fix failed to fetch Cydia issues after jailbreak.

Fix Failed to Fetch Cydia Issue

As you all know, Hackulo company is responsible for all issues concerning the Installous app. In the same time, their Cydia repo is no longer functional. I know that this is terrible news for many of you especially if you used to download free App Store apps and tweaks using Installous. Fortunately, for this problem, we have multiple alternatives that will work just fine as Installous did in the past.

So, back to our Cydia launch issue after iPhone jailbreak. According to some rumors, the failed to fetch Cydia issues after jailbreak is due to some corrupted repositories concerning the Hackulo repository. I am sure that you are eager to start downloading many apps and tweaks from the famous Cydia Store, but the fetch Cydia issue after jailbreak prevent you from doing it. Here, you can try out a quick fix for this annoying issue.

Step 1: You need to launch Cydia and to go to Manage > Sources > Edit and search for the <> repo in your Cydia repos list.

Step 2: Once you found it, you need to delete it completely from Cydia. This is simple. All you have to do is to click on the red circle beside it and the Hackulo source will disappear from your Cydia repos.

Step 3: Once you complete this step, you need to go to Changes and click on the Refresh button in order to update all your applications. In some cases, this process might take some time. Wait until Cydia completes its job, and then, launch Cydia once again.

This should fix failed to fetch Cydia issue after jailbreak, the problem that most people encountered after using Evasion to perform an untethered jailbreak on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Meanwhile, if you want to search for free apps and tweaks for your device, you can try out multiple Installous apps alternatives available for download. I know that we are not able to use Installous to get cracked App Store apps, but I am sure that all those free Installous apps alternatives will work just fine.

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