How to Fix Exploit Failed Error During Jailbreak iOS 6.0.1 Jailbreak Procedure

If you updated to iOS 6.0.1, I am sure that you will definitely want to start the jailbreak process as soon as possible. Unfortunately, some users already started jailbreak on their devices and they encountered a serious problem while jailbreaking iOS 6.0.1 using Redsnow. People encountered various problems during the process, but the most notable one is the Exploit Failed error. Apparently, this problem is due to the lack of compatibility of the jailbreak software, in this case Redsnow, with this latest iOS update. However, the only way in which users are able to fix Exploit Error during jailbreak, is to use the same program as for the jailbreak process. It is worth mentioning the fact that this software is meant only for A4-based devices such as iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4th generation.

Before starting the process to fix the problem, you must take into consideration several aspects. First of all, you need to know for sure what the jailbreak process means and how it can be done. Secondly, another important aspect is the way in which you put your device in the DFU mode. This process is not that complicated, but some people might encounter problems when doing it. Apparently, this is the main cause of the exploit problem. In the last part, you need to run Redsnow as administrator.


Now, here is what you need to do to fix Exploit Failed error during jailbreak iOS 6.0.1:

1. Put your device in the DFU mode. This is not that complicated, but if you fail, you will still encounter the problem. For this, you need press the Lock Button for 3 seconds. The, you need to hold the Home Button and the Lock Button for 10 seconds at the same time. Release the Lock Button but keep on pressing the Home button for another 15 seconds.

You will see that something will appear on your screen when you reach 8 seconds. At this time, do not let the button go. This will lead you to the error as well. You must press the Home button until you see that the Uploading First Stage process is completed. This will finish the exploit process.

At this time, you are free to continue with the jailbreak process, as you know. It is not that complicated, but if you want to avoid the Exploit Failed issues, you need to be quite patient and careful.

Latest Comments
  1. keulys

    dude, you are the man, bro this right its the right answer, thanks bro.

  2. seyedreza

    I done this step by step but again coming the same (Exploit failed)
    my iPhone is 3GS
    can u help me?

  3. saya

    do not work it hacks ur thing

  4. Brittney

    im pretty sure im putting my ipod touch 4g ios 6.0.1 In dfu mode correctly but the exploit failed keeps coming up and I am really confused and getting frustrated with it. HELP!!!!

    • danny10900

      try changing usb ports and make sure ur wire is ok then it might work it did for me

      • Zach

        Thanks u helped me

  5. erixas

    Itried alot of timeing metods. tryed holding only 3 sec , 10 sec and 15 sec.
    als tryed this method by holding home button til “Uploding first stage” but stil my 3gs iphone comes to Exploit failure. why ?
    I run the Redsnow at administrator mode then i selecting th IPSW file and it goes well. but then i come to next stage i just cant make it. sitting and try it for over 10 hours.

  6. erixas

    i just tryed to enter Pwned DFU mode and for that you have to do same things. I made it with first try so i cant understand why I cant enter dfu mode without geting Exploit failure problem.

  7. Nick

    I followed your instructions to the point and it gave me a new error message “missing Keys.plist data for this built”. I have know idea what this means and don’t know what to do now. Please help

  8. CJ

    You should perform the tethered boot on THE SAME COMPUTER, using THE SAME REDSNOW VERSION that you used for the original jailbreak.

    I have all these problems listed above when trying to tether-boot my iphone4 on my new computer. Using my old laptop, the one I also used for the jailbreak of ios 6.0, it’s no problem. I’m still trying to figure out how to get it working on any computer, but hell, untethered EVASION is here so why bother :)


  9. RiriFreak

    Ahhhhh man!!! THank youuu

  10. lucasg615

    I heard when you jailbreak the apple iphone then you can aquire a couple of awesome applications free of charge however i don’t learn how to. As well as, I heard you need to restore the apple iphone after to make certain that Apple will not discover for it set for repairs?

  11. Splash Log Level 2 Again

    please answer such as this

    connected jailbreak: explain what’s this type of jailbreak

    untethered jailbreak: explain what’s this type of jailbreak

    which 1 of individuals 2 would be best– and which 1 of individuals to happens when u turn ur ipod device touch from the jailbreak disappears something of that nature.

  12. RichT

    I needed to jailbreak my apple iphone 4 that we up-to-date to ios 6 :( can you really use jailbreakme or perhaps a similar site? Does anybody determine if someone is going to be focusing on this?

  13. Oilers

    I’ve the version 5.2 of updates how do you jailbreak it to really make it have awesome stuff i am new only at that

  14. jdfan

    I wish to jailbreak my ipod device touch 2g MC model running 4..2. I’m able to only downgrade it 3.1.3. I cant download every other ipsw because my internet is simply too slow. My real question is what jailbreaker must i use bearing in mind i have only individuals two ios. I’d much prefer an untethered jb but when theres none i’ll settle having a connected. Any assistance is much appreciated.

  15. Jerosh Nagulachandran

    I’ve got a second generation ipod device touch. Is really a connected jailbreak the most secure way or perhaps is there one other way. Please explain

  16. RuMKilleR

    I wish to Jailbreak my second generation ipod device Touch, however i want that it is a safe and simple way. As well as the just one out at this time is connected, and you may only boot up out of your computer whenever you power it down, will the startup tool 100% work? Please answer, thanks :)

  17. stealspartansbcglobalnet

    Also, what is the better mod, possibly a totally free one, that will the same factor as ps jailbreak and is equally as easy to use? The same is true the jailbreak permit you to rip your ps move games towards the hard disk drive much like normal play station 3 games? Lastly, using the ps jailbreak, can you decide to either rip the overall game for your internal ps hard disk drive or perhaps an exterior one? Thanks a lot.

  18. Ev dog

    What’s the best jailbreak for an ipod device touch 3rd gen version 4.1?

  19. Superman

    I wish to jailbreak with greenpois0n but I’m not sure basically can simply jailbreak it as an ipod device touch, could it be exactly the same?

    I wish to find a good way to jailbreak it.

    Any assistance will do well! Thanks.

  20. lets roll

    Okay. Basically tether jailbreak my apple iphone can untether jail break it later without rebuilding it ? Or would I must restore it? Since I really do not wanna need to restore.

  21. Caltel T

    I kinda wish to jailbreak. Where will i find the best reliable program to jailbreak?

  22. Anny

    Just how can jailbreak my ipod device touch to in which the system think it’s as an iPad or apple iphone? Someone made it happen to my siblings.

  23. SteveO

    What’s the Most secure and simplest method to jailbreak an normal apple iphone software version 5.1

    Please i do sooo bad and obtain NES games and stuff

    however i also shouldn’t break or screw up my Apple iphone Whatsoever!

    well without having done that… every other ways?

  24. Cupcakerum

    what jailbreak must i use for five..1. I’ve got a apple iphone 4 and i wish to jailbreak it. I in addition have a ipod device touch 3rd generation and i wish to jailbreak this too. What jailbreak must i use. And just what website.

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