How To Fix Cydia Not Loading and Packages Not Installing Issues after Evasion Jailbreak

Many users already encountered several problems after performing the untethered jailbreak using the Evasion tool. In most of the cases, some users complaint about Cydia not loading issues or Packages not installing. If you find yourself in this situation, and you want to know how to fix Cydia not loading and packages not installing issues after Evasion jailbreak, then you should read the rest of the article.

Cydia not loading issues after Evasion Jailbreak

As it was expected, there were some problems surrounding the well-awaited jailbreak tool. The most common problem that almost every user encountered is that he is not able to download any app or tweak from Cydia Store, or Cydia is not loading at all. This issue might occur because many people started the jailbreak process and they launched Cydia almost in the same time. Due to the high volume of visitors, Cydia failed to launch. You do not have to worry because this problem has a solution.

In some cases, the simplest and the easiest solution for this problem is to wait until things chill down, and the number of visitors will drop a little bit. At this point, you will be able to access Cydia and Cydia packages as usual. However, this thing might happen in a day or two, so do not make any hopes of accessing it pretty soon. However, as I mentioned earlier, the number of people who want to browse Cydia Store for downloading apps and tweaks is pretty high so the third-party app platform might react with delay. Therefore, after waiting almost 48 hours, I am sure that things will calm down, and you will be able to launch Cydia properly, and all packages will load normally.

However, in some cases, Cydia not loading and packages not installing issues after Evasion jailbreak might occur when Evasion does not recognize your device. The cause of this problem is because you did an OTA update for the firmware currently running on your device. In this case, the solution is pretty complicated because you will have to backup your device, to update to iOS 6.1 using iTunes once again, and then to start jailbreak all over.

Another reason why some users encounter the not loading and packages not installing issues is that they used a Passcode when they started untethered jailbreak using Evasion. As the Evad3rs team pointed out in the Read Me file released before the jailbreak, you need to remove the passcode before starting jailbreak using Evasion if you want to avoid alternative problems. As a solution to fix the Cydia not loading and packages not installing problems in this case, is that you will have to disable the passcode and start jailbreaking once again without interfering with your device during the process.

In some rare cases, your device might display the “patching kernel” message. For this, you need to press the Power and Home Button for 20 seconds in order to start a reboot. As an alternative, you can start the jailbreak process all again by using our previous Evasion jailbreak tutorial.

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