How To Fix Cydia Download Errors by Installing .deb packages with CydiaUpdates

With the massive number of jailbreaks using Evasion, it was normal to expect a Cydia crush any time. Therefore, with more than 4 million visits every five minutes, Cydia becomes an unreliable process. As most users complained about, when Cydia is launched, it crushes multiple times, and in the same time, it offers download errors. So, if you encounter this problem and you want to fix Cydia download errors, here you will find out how to install .deb packages with CydiaUpdates.

Fix Cydia errors by Installing .deb packages

Some sources offered the solution of fixing Cydia errors by jailbreaking your device once again. To be honest, in some cases, this solution was suitable and effective. However, is you still get errors in Cydia; you can try to fix Cydia download errors by installing .dev packages with CydiaUpdates manually if you follow the next simple guide. However, want I want to mention is the fact that you need OpenSSH or in order to access these packages. The is great because you do not need to use Cydia. As compared to OpenSSH, you do not need a jailbroken device in order to download the tweak.

Since the majority of persons encounter problems when launching Cydia, there might be a problem finding the tweaks and packages, moreover now, when the repos are not reliable. The right solution to fix Cydia download errors by installing .deb packages with CydiaUpdates is to use a direct link in order to get the

1. Download and install on your computer. The tool has versions available for Mac or for Windows.

2. Connect your device to your desktop computer and start using the iTools software.

3. Once you have iTools opened, you need to go and visit the Cydia AutoInstall folder. In this way, you will be able to install all required Cydia packages manually.

You can browse the internet in order to find the Cydia packages you want to install on your device. Now, when you know how to fix Cydia download errors by installing .deb packages with CydiaUpdates, take into consideration the fact that some of these packages are not free of charge. So, choose the ones that you really need and do not load your device with useful packages and sources. I am sure that soon, Cydia will work just fine after the things will settle down a little bit and the number of visitors will decrease.

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