How to Fix Common Problems in Mail App for OS X

The native Mac OS X Mail app has proved to be an excellent email provider for many users. During the time, the app has been updated and improved in multiple ways, in ways in which users find it easier and quicker than before to access their private mail.

However, after a long usage, some users have complained about encountering various problems such as sluggishness, message content issues and searching irregularities. Even so, these problems are of different types.

Some search errors appear when users perform a search, but the result do not appear slow behavior  when performing mail searches or general content problems when the opened message appears to be blank, incomplete, corrupt, or it is not displayed at all.

FIx common problems with Mac OS X Mail App

Fortunately, these problems are relatively easy to correct. Following a two-step process of rebuilding the mailbox and them reindexing all messages contained within the Mail app, all those problems will disappear.

Before starting with the two-step process of cleaning your OS X mail app, users should take into consideration clearing the Spam/Junk folder contained within the Mail app in order to speed up both reindexing and rebuilding processes.

Rebuild the Mailbox

As you might expect, the first step in fixing your Mail App problems is to rebuild the mailbox. The whole process is truly simple. First, you need to launch the app and pull down the mailbox menu. At this point, you will be able to see the Rebuilt option. In case you do not see it, or the button is grayed out, close any compose windows and select the inbox in the primary mail window.

Keep in mind that the rebuilding process might take a few minutes, in some cases even an hour. This all depends on how large your inbox is.

Reindex and Repair All Messages

The second step in repairing your Mail App in OS X is to start the repairing and reindexing processes. This step is very useful in case the search functions of your mailbox have become unresponsive.

First of all, exit the Mail App and go to the Finder. Here, click on Command, Shift and G key, at the same time. Next, you need to go to the following address: ~/Library/Mail/V2/MailData/. Now, you need to delete each file that begins with “Envelope Index”. Last, close the MailData window and relaunch the Mail App to force reindexing.

Just like rebuilding the mailbox, the reindexing process can take a while. It all depends on the volume of messages you save in your computer. At the end, try to search something in order to review the changes.

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