How To Create/Edit Videos using Directr Tweak

The original photo camera was replaced by all those smart devices, which allow us to take amazing photos and to record great videos. People enjoy capturing their most important moments and the iPhone seems to be the right device to do this. Along with the passion of taking photos and videos and with all those smart devices on the market, there also appeared a wide variety of special apps and editing programs. If you enjoy recording special moments, then the Directr app is exactly what you need.

Directr tweak for iPhoneYou can easily create and edit videos using the Directr tweak on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This amazing yet simple movie editing software is not like any other video editor. It displays a much friendly interface, a top-to-bottom aspect and it resembles pretty much like a photo stream but with videos and clips. Prepare your stories and then save them all in a personal portfolio called the Storyboard.

Once the application is launched, it is easy to record shots or clips, one after another and then to edit them by adding some overlay captions. You can record 10 seconds for large storyboards, 5 seconds for medium ones and 3 seconds for small ones. When you have all your shots all together, Directr will start converting all your shots into a larger one. This whole process lasts only several minutes but afterwards, you will have your movie ready to view and share.

What is great with this simple app is the fact that it offers Facebook and Twitter integration. This means that you can easily share your work with all your Facebook and Twitter fans. I am sure that for some of you, this thing is pretty important. If you do not have so much inspiration or you are just curious how a movie edited with Directr looks like, you can explore the work of other artists, just to have an idea.

In what concern the filmmaking using your iPhone or iPad, the Directr app is one of the easiest tweaks available on the market. It does not replace a professional tool, but for beginners, this is the exactly what they need in order to start their carrier as directors. The best part is that you can download and install this great app free of charge from the App Store. Share the most important moments of your life by recording and editing them using Directr for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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