How to Create Free Ringtones for iPhone

I am sure that you all enjoy assigning different ringtones for some of your contacts on your iPhone. This is the best way to customize your device in a way in which it will describe your personality. You can find a multitude of ringtones on iTunes and you can download them any time you want. However, all those ringtones are payable and you need to spend some money if you want to download multiple ringtones to assign to your contacts. All iPhone users have now the possibility to create free ringtones for their iPhones.

free ringtones

You all have some favorite songs or at least some parts from a song that caught your attention at one point. Fortunately, you now have the possibility to turn these songs in custom ringtones for your iPhone. However, for this thing, you still need to use iTunes to get all those songs you really want. In the same time, you need also the Garage Band application to edit songs.

The first thing you need to do is to search down all your favorite songs using the iTunes account. Now, from the iTunes window, drag each one of them on your desktop screen. In this way, you will create a copy of the respective song. At this time, open the Garage Band app and name your new project as you please. You need to know in advance the part of the song you want to use in order to create a free ringtone for your iPhone. For this, listen the song and write down the exact seconds you want to use. Move the yellow line from the beginning of the part from your favorite song until you reach its end. When you finally have the part of the song you are interested in, you can click on the Preview button to see how it went. Save the file and go to the iTunes window to share the ringtone. Here you will find a list containing all created free ringtones for iPhone. Connect your device to your computer, check on Sync Tones option and share the file.

In this way, you will have your favorite songs right on your iPhone to use them as contact ringtones. You can assign a new ringtone for each one of your contacts to know who is calling you in advance.

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