How to Create a VIP Mail List On iPhone and iPad

Using the Mail feature on our smart devices has become one of our daily tasks. We check working mails, friendly mails or any other private conversations. If you consider the mail feature as being a part of your life, then I assume that all those useless mails just make your life miserable especially when you are sleeping or doing something else much important. In this case, if you do not want to be disturbed by all those annoying mails, you need to learn how to create a VIP Mail list on iPhone or iPad.

VIP mail list on iOS

For those of you who do not have a clue of what this means, the VIP mail list is used to gather all-important senders in your mail service in one list in order to make a preferential program for them. So, once you have the list built up, you will receive notifications only from contacts in that particular list. Other will not disturb you at all. When you create such as list, you only emphasize some senders over others. Moreover, this list will help you to improve your email workflow.

So, if you want to create such a list on your iPhone or iPad within the email service, the process is quite simple. Here are some steps to follow in order to create the desired list. 

-First, as you can assume, you need to open the Mail app. Start searching for the sender you want to include in your VIP list. Open a message from that respective sender you want to promote within the service.

– Secondly, tap on the name or on the address of the sender and then you will be able to see the “Add to VIP” option. Once you found it, tap on it. In this way, you will add a yellow star for that respective contact.

This is all. It is that simple. Now when you receive or send a message to that respective person, you will be able to see a little shinny star alongside their name in the inbox list. Therefore, in order to receive notifications only from your VIP contacts, you need to set a new sound only for VIP contacts in order to differentiate them from the rest of your contacts. In order to see your VIP contacts, you need to go to Mailboxes and search for the VIP contacts.

In what concerns removing a certain VIP contact from your VIP list, all you have to do is to follow the exact steps you followed when you first added a person on this selective list. So, tap on the name of the sender and tap on the start near its name. In this way, you will remove the star and the respective contact from your VIP list. Keep in mind to maintain a selective VIP list in order to see any result. When you add too many contacts on the list, you will find it more difficult to select the important messages you receive without checking your inbox.

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