How to Clear Chrome Browser History, Cache and Cookies

As everybody knows, Apple’s official browser is Safari. However, some users are not completely pleased of Apple’ web browser, and they choose different alternatives. The most preferred choice in this respect is represented by the Chrome Browser.

Chrome has proved to be an excellent web browser alternative to Safari and all iOS devices. Users use Chrome app on a regular basis, and the app can gather a high amount of data, which gets stored locally on iOS. This data includes web caches, cookies, site browsing history, and other login details and passwords.

As for Safari, users have the possibility to easily clear cache and browsing data right from iOS  Safari. In the case of Chrome, things are a little bit complicated. Chrome’s options in the wider Settings app do not offer a shortcut for clear cache or cookies. Mostly, this is because Chrome is a third party app. However, clearing Chrome Browser data in iOS is a pretty simple process.

How to Clear Chrome Cache and Cookies d

First of all, users need to open the app and tap on the menu button. In case you encounter problems in finding the button, it looks like the equal sign. Within the new menu window, search for Settings and then tap on Privacy.

At this point, users have the possibility to choose to Clear all data, but optionally, a tap on individual options allow them to clear only cache, cookies or site data. As an option, for those who wish to remove login details such as username and passwords, you can tap on Clear Saved Passwords in the same settings window. When finished, tap on Done and get back to the standard Chrome screen as usual.

As you can see, clearing Chrome data can be quite easy. In this way, you will keep your things private while gaining some extra storage. The process is recommended for those who share a single iOS device. In the case of cookies and saved passwords, the process is also important since site login details might reveal some things users want to hide. In the same time, it offers details regarding private accounts such as Mail, Facebook or Twitter.

Unfortunately, Chrome app does not offer the possibility to delete cookies for specific sites as Safari does. However, having the possibility to clear all of them at once is better than nothing.

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