How To Change Screen Brightness on iPhone| Disable Auto-adjusting Feature

I am sure that you all have noticed the fact that your iPhone adjusts brightness on itself in some cases. The same happens in the case of the iPod Touch. These two devices have some light sensors, which allow them to change brightness automatically depending on the level of light of the environment. Especially at night, when the light is dim, iPhone changes the balanced brightness plan to a brighter one for you to see clear. However, this thing leads to an impressive battery loss. If you want to preserve your battery and if you find yourself annoyed by this thing, you need to know how to change brightness on iPhone and iPod and in the same time to learn how to disable auto-adjusting feature.

Auto-Adjust brightness on iPhone

We must confess the fact that Apple developers added this feature in order to help us, to make things easier and lighter for us in any situation. There is a difference between indoor and outdoor, between day and night. Your device does not make any difference and it sets the level of brightness in the same way whether if you are standing exactly in the sunlight or if you are near a dim light. Therefore, in order to stop this thing and to save more battery life, you need to disable the auto-adjusting feature.

For this, go to Settings tab and search for Brightness & Wallpaper option. There, you will be able to see a brightness level with a slider, which will permit you to adjust brightness, as you please. Find the best solution for you and you will receive an immediate response. Once you have set up the brightness level, you need to go to the Auto-Brightness feature and turn it OFF. In this way, your screen will stop automatically changing the level of brightness. It is that simple. Now, if you want to have a lighter screen or a dimmer one, you need to manually change the brightness plan because your device will no longer change it for you.

Once you disabled the auto-brightness feature, your device will no longer depend on the exterior conditions to set the screen light. This is a great way to make your battery life last longer because you are able to set the light at only 40% or 50%, depending on the indoor or outdoor light conditions . Now, you must set brightness by yourself anytime you feel the need. However, you will see that this job will be worth doing it when you will notice how much battery life you can preserve for your device. In the case of the iPad users, the brightness bar is always available in the task bar. For them it is quite simple to change the brightness level with a single slide. Now, we can hope that the future iOS version will provide this feature for iPhone and iPod as well.

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