How to Backup iPhone Photos Automatically to DropBox

Everybody enjoys capturing the best moments using the iPhone camera. In this way, it is normal to want to keep all those important files in a saved place. Having an automatic backup solution directly from iPhone seems to be the right call.

Using the iCloud service, users are able to backup some photos, but this alternative does not offer a quick access over a single picture as saving them on a personal computer does. In this case, DropBox might represent the best solution. It offers a little bit of both alternatives: direct photo access while photos are backed up to the cloud.

Automatic Upload to DropBox

For those who do not know, DropBox is an excellent cloud based file storage solution. It is free at the entry level for 2 GB of space. The only free alternative users have in order to increase the storage space is to refer friends and others to sign up, which can bring up to 18 GB of space. In the same time, paid solutions offer from 100 GB to 500 GB at monthly rates.

Configure DropBox to Automatically Backup Photos

DropBox can automatically upload pictures that users take with their iPhone. For this, users need to download the DropBox app from the App Store, and then create an account. When users first launch DropBox after installation, the app will offer the possibility to save photos to DropBox. In case the feature was not enabled at that time, just follow the next steps.

1. Launch DropBox on the iPhone and login with DropBox.

2. Within the Camera Upload screen choose the “Only Wi-Fi” option and tap on Enable.

3. Next, in the next window, tap on Allow in order to provide access DropBox access to the camera roll in order to begin uploading photos.

The wireless option is highly recommended because DropBox can easily surpass cellular data plan limits. At it is expected, the service requires longer internet access in order to create backups for each picture and file.

When the feature is enabled, the DropBox app Photos tab will display a small red badge, which indicates how many pictures remain to be uploaded, and selecting the respective tab, users will easily be able to see the upload status.

The first backup process started with DropBox can take a while, since all depends on the number of photos the user tries to upload and on the speed of the internet connection. In case the Wi-Fi losses signal, DropBox will stop the upload process and wait until a Wi-Fi connection is available before trying to upload the pictures again.

In case the automatic upload is not suitable, users can easily turn this feature OFF only by visiting Settings, and instead, handle uploads directly from the app itself. Keeping photos and images backed up within DropBox cloud is a safe choice, and with the automatic upload feature, users will never lose an important file.

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