How To Backup and Transfer any Game Data on iOS | OpenFeint Saved Games

I am sure that most of you rely on OpenFeint to get the latest games for entertainment. This is a great source for the latest games on the market. Moreover, it allows users to backup their saved games in order to replay at any time. The bad news is the fact that OpenFeint will close their services on December 14 and you will have to save all your games on a different platform. Official staff advised people to switch to GREE, a different platform that brought OpenFeint, but this does not guarantee you that you will have all your games saved.

If you want to have all game data saved in a safe place, you need to follow these simple steps. I want to mention he fact that this possibility was meant for OpenFeint games and their backup, but you can easily use it in order to save other app data if you want.

1. You need to connect a FTP to your computer in order to transfer files from you iPhone, iPad or iPod. For those of you who do not know what FTP mean, here is a small clarification. FTP option is about the file transfer protocol. For this action, you will need a jailbroken device, a FTP client and OpenSSH. If you do not have OpenSSH installed on your device, now it is a good time to get it. You can download and install it from Cydia on a matter of minutes.

2. In order to proceed, you need to run the same Wi-Fi network on your computer as on your device. At this time, you need to enter a Host name and a password in order to continue. The Host Name is your Wi-Fi IP address and the password is by default Alpine.

3. This will allow you access to some private documents and files where you can find all games saved. To make things easier, search for this: private/var/mobile/Applications.

4. Once you find all those games that you want to save, use the file transfer option offered by WinSCP or FilleZila. Just drag and move them to your desktop in a special folder named Backup files.

This is all. Now you can save any game you want or even apps in several minutes. However, for this action to work, you need to make sure that none of these games or apps are used somewhere place. Otherwise, the process will not work.

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