How to Add/Switch Between Multiple Gmail Accounts on iOS Devices

Some people tend to use multiple Gmail accounts on the same device. On the other hand, at the level of a family, two or many users use the same iPad or iPhone in order to check the Gmail inbox. In this case, the possibility to alternate between accounts might seem the right solution.

The first step in dealing with multiple Gmail accounts on the same iOS device is to download and install Google’s official Gmail app for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. After the last update, Gmail for iOS has become an excellent full-featured  mobile email provider and it makes managing multiple accounts extremely easy and simple.

As expected, setting up and using Gmail for iOS is pretty easy, for a single account or multiple ones. As it was mentioned earlier, in order to use one or multiple Gmail accounts on the same device, first, you need to download and install the app.

Add Multiple Gmail accounts

Secondly, open the respective app and sign into any Gmail account in order to get started. You will receive a short walkthrough at your first use. Next, go to the inbox screen by swiping to the right or by tapping the list button in the left corner. At this point, a single tap on the downward pointing arrow in the top of the screen will reveal the “Add Account” option.

The next step is to enter the additional Gmail account information and click on “Sign In”. In the same time, users have the possibility to create a new Google account with the “Create a Google Account” option. The same process can be repeated for each new additional Gmail Account.

After seeing how easily is to add multiple Gmail accounts, you will find out that switching between them is the even simpler. With a simple swipe over the mailbox screen, a tap on the down arrow again and a tap on the alternate account you want to use, you can easily access any account you want.

Moreover, besides managing multiple accounts, one of the great features you gain along with the new Gmail App is the possibility to set up notifications and alerts on an individual account basis. By tapping the Gear icon and choosing to see Notifications for “All New Mail”, you will receive alerts whenever a registered Gmail account receives a notification. In case you do not want any notification, you have the possibility to choose the “None” option.

It is worth mentioning the fact that there is a limitation on the total number of accounts you can add in the Gmail app. Apparently, users can add a maximum of five Gmail Accounts. Removing a Gmail account is as simple as adding it. By selecting “Sign Out” of that specific account, you remove it from the list of Gmail accounts.

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