How to Add Social Shortcuts to Contacts Using Gotha Tweak

As you know, jailbreaking an iOS device offers plenty of benefits and utilities. A jailbroken device can easily be customized and changed, as the user wants, by using suitable apps and tweaks found within Cydia Store.

When Apple refuses to offer certain features and options, users head to the third party store and search for the appropriate tweak for the job. The new Gotha iPhone and iPod Touch tweak offers a fresh look, and it brings users a new gesture based initiative into the contacts and phone app on the iOS device.

Gotha tweak to Add Social Shortcuts to Contacts

Gotha represents a simple tweak that combine a gesture-based experience with a different number of social platforms. In this way, users will be able to change the native Contacts app on the iPhone and iPod Touch while performing left and right gestures to initiate new actions. All these actions introduce various methods for interaction with the address book entities.

Once the tweak is downloaded and installed on iPhone or iPod Touch, the first thing to do is to open the Contacts app. The Contacts app can be found within the Phone app by selecting the Contacts option. By opening the Contacts app, users will be able to perform a right swipe gesture for each contact cell. When the device detects the swipe, the contact name is faded out and replaced with a new containing view that offers a clear display of a number social interaction buttons.

At this point, users will have the possibility to select a Twitter, Facebook, Messages or Safari button that it will lead directly to the respective social page for that contact. This represents a quick access to some social platforms for all contacts in the address book.

The left swipe gesture alternative will offer the possibility to quickly delete a contact directly from the root of the Contacts App. I have to admit, this can turn out to be a pretty handy feature in some cases. As you can see, Gotha tweak offers some clear advantages for users who enjoy keeping in touch with the social activity of their friends.

For those who wish to try out Gotha tweak on iPhone or iPod Touch, the tweak can be found within the ModMyi Repository, and it is priced at $1.99. As you expect, it works only on a jailbroken device that runs on iOS 5.0 or higher. It is worth mentioning the fact that this amazing tweak is not compatible for iPads.

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