How to Activate Widgets in Notification Center [No Jailbreak Required]

The Notification Center has been a topic of discussion for a long time. People question the power of the Notification center and the features that lay within. Users have the possibility to add or remove certain features and options from the Notification Center. However, for all jailbroken devices, things are much simpler. You can easily find certain apps such as SBSettings or any other app in Cydia Store that can help you to add new toggles or features in the Notification Center. If you do not want to start jailbreak on your brand new iDevice, then this news will turn out to be just great for you. Without jailbreaking your device, you can still make your Notification amazing and full or useful widgets.

How to Activate Widgets in Notification Center

With the help of the amazing Speed U app, you can bring some great widgets to your Notification Center without jailbreak. The app is simple, it offers many new widgets and you can easily browse it. It is based on gestures, which will make your access much easier. When you first install Speed U, launch it from the main screen. The App Section will turn out to be more than useful. You can add new widgets or you can dismiss certain ones. In the same time, you can create shortcuts for the installed apps to place them in the Notification center or on the main screen. The only problem is the fact that you cannot create shortcuts for those pre-installed apps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

You have the Text Message app, which is pretty much the same as the iMessages app. You can send quick messages to only certain contacts and add shortcuts on the main screen to have a quicker access. For the browsing aspect, you can add a website shortcut on the screen and when you tap it, you go to the respective website in a second. You also have the possibility to create shortcuts for almost any app you want, starting with the Flashlight, Facebook, Brightness and ending with the QR Code Scanner.

Now, this amazing app is available on the App Store, but it is payable. It was free of charge for a limited time, but you will see that it is worth spending money on it. If you do not want to jailbreak your device but you still want to activate widgets in the Notification center, all you have to do is to try out this amazing app.

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