Haswell Chips To Offer 50% More Battery for Apple’s MacBooks

Apple’s next-generation of MacBooks is likely to see a battery life improvement with the help of the Haswell Chips. Apparently, the respective chips will provide 50 percent greater battery life thanks to the processor expected to go into them.

According to Intel Chief Rani Bokar, the chipmaker has designed the processor line with notebooks and tablets in mind. The focus on mobile devices led to a dramatic increase in battery life, reaching up to 50 percent more battery life in normal use and extending idle and standby life by up to 20 times.

Haswell Chips for Apple's Next-gen MacBook

This improvement could represent a major step in the battery life for future MacBooks that already take the top place of the industry. The Retina MacBook Pro will be able to reach about six hours and 15 minutes of battery life while, in normal use, it can surpass Apple’s limit of seven hours.

The Haswell chips represents the latest innovation in the chip giant’s instruction set architecture. This means that it is likely to become the best processor at the moment, moreover now, after various tests, when it has gained increased popularly.

In addition, Intel updates the line of products every two years and this year might represent the year of complete refresh. The growth of Smartphone and tablet market marks the source of Intel’s sales. As people try to get their hands of the latest mobile devices, Intel had to focus its product line on the mobile device segment. Customers no longer choose the traditional computer. Instead, they opt for a mobile device such as a Smartphone or a tablet.

Therefore, in this respect, the Haswell line was meant to address both traditional computers and tablets in the same time. Some of their components within the line already reduced the power consumption as low as 7W. Compared to other non-Intel chipsets devices, Intel’s tablet offers better performance while debating the battery capacity.

As far as Intel in concerned, the company has tried to bond with Haswell in the past. Month ahead of its launch, Intel released a new document revealing the fact that Haswell will double or triple graphics performance compared to previous models. This will represent a notable change.

On the other hand, Apple’s MacBook line of devices is highly expected to upgrade and to feature Intel’s latest and greatest processor set. Haswell’s graphical capabilities will offer a great impact on the next-generation of Macs. So far, all retailers are running low on supplying Apple MacBooks while others wait for the company to announce the next generation during the WWDV in June.

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