Google’s Virtual Assistant Comes to iOS with New Search App Update

Google Now, Google’s Virtual Assistant has been the most notable Android feature within the last year. Now, the virtual assistant comes to Apple’s iOS, offering iPhone and iPad support being a part of the Google Search app.

The version 3.0 of the famous Android assistant of the official Google Search application is now free for download on the App Store. Along with the virtual assistant, users will receive weather and traffic conditions at the beginning of the day, updates for favorite topics, and breaking news stories in real time coverage.

Google Now on iPhone, iPad and iPod

The service has been revealed last year at the Google I/O Conference, but now, the Google Search 3.0 version brings the same search features to the iOS. Along with its effectiveness, the service also provides caller cards and visual style to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. According to Google’s Now product manager Tamar Yehushua, “Google Now will compete well against Apple’s personal assistant Siri because of its accuracy.”

Tamar Yehushua also suggested the fact that the main goal of the Google Now service “is to provide the right information at just the right time”. The key feature of the service is to deliver updates in a conversational manner regarding traffic conditions, local sports and upcoming weather conditions without asking.

This update and compatibility with the iOS comes as a response to the well-known Apple personal assistant Siri. The service automatically detects the information a user needs and prepares it in advance. Unlike Siri who needs comprehensive communication from the user’s part, Google Now is a little bit more convenient.

The predictive search feature in Google Now makes use of the user’s calendar function in order to determine its exact needs. This was only an example because, in fact, the service makes use of many other personal details, determined from the social networks, in order to provide users the exact information without asking for anything in advance.

Google Now service takes advantage of the several different technological areas such as the text-to-speech output, the Knowledge Graph and the technology stack that provides its voice recognition and predictive search combo. Since in the case of Android, Google Now requires only Android 4.1 or later in order to run, on iOS, the service also requires users to sign into their Google account before using the application.

Despite the fact that the application is compatible with all Apple devices, the virtual assistant requires at least iOS 5.0 or later. The software has been designed in order to take advantage of the large display of the iPhone 5.

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