Google Beats Apple with Its Streaming Music Service

Google has launched a new music and gaming service, which will increase its lead on Apple in the Smartphone market. In the same time, Google also revealed a redesigned social network while aiming towards Facebook.

The search giant revealed many other interesting products at its annual software developer’s conference in San Francisco. Within the conference, Google presented an updated overhaul of its maps service, which will compete with Apple’s Maps Service. Moreover, the search engine giant announced that its new product line aims to offer multiple benefits to all Google users. They include All Access, a subscription music service, Google Play and a gaming system.

Google All Access Service aims at Apple

The All Access service costs $9.99 a month and users will receive a 30-day free trial. This will offer unlimited access over the music service available on Android mobiles and web browsers. In what concerns the social network meant to compete with Facebook, the search giant revealed a redesigned Google + social network with a new device while highlighting photographs.

After the rumor that Apple has sealed the iRadio deal with Universal Music, now with All Access service, Google plans to aim at the big Cupertino-based Company as well as Pandora and Spotify. Moreover, if Google plans to launch an additional YouTube streaming service, this will probably turn the search engine in a dominant legal source for music.

Until now, Goggle play users were able to stream music their bought from the app. Now, with All Access service, they are able to stream songs they have not purchased yet. The service offers an endless list of related tracks that will appear to be linked to the Google + account.

According to Chris Yerga, Google engineering director, they plan to “set out to build a music service that did not just give us access to great music but to help guide you to it”. As previous reports suggested, Google already made a deal with Warner Music and SonyMusic for their streaming service on YouTube and Google Play.

The Google I/O conference includes engineers and entrepreneurs who develop applications and other features that can make smartphones and tablets more interesting and amazing. So far, Android has more than 900 million devices activated, which are made by Samsung Electronics, HTC and other manufacturers. In what concerns the apps available within the Google Play Store, there are over 48 billion apps downloaded at the moment, but their number is still increasing.

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