Gmail App for iOS Updated with Two Useful Tweaks

Gmail official app for iOS has now been updated, and it offers two useful tweaks. Now, the update links directly to Google Maps, Chrome, YouTube and other useful native programs.

So far, the users were able to use these services with the help of Gmail, but the application linked to the browser rather than to the respective programs. With the updated version, Gmail offers quicker access to any of these utilities while improving the browsing experience.

GMail app for iOS updated

Another useful feature that the new Gmail version 2.2.7182 brings is the possibility to sign out of a single Gmail account rather than singing out of them all. Until now, users were forced to sign out of all existing accounts. When pressing Sign Out, users signed out of all accounts at once. With the new improvement, you can sign out from a single Gmail account or multiple ones if you want.

Gmail on iOS is relatively new. The official app is 18-months old, and it offers various new features. For instance, Google released a YouTube app, which was meant to replace the stock YouTube app Apple, removed with the launch of iOS 6. Now, Google is trying to create a Google ecosystem within Apple’s operating system.

The maintenance update for the Gmail application on iOS devices added these two amazing features. In what concerns the first feature, Gmail features a new setting that lets users to specify that YouTube, Google Maps and Chrome link for directly to native apps instead of mobile web.

It is worth mentioning the fact that users need to install all these apps first in order to take advantage of this possibility first. In case the direct link to various native apps is not suitable for some users, there is also the possibility to remove this feature for Gmail settings. All will return at its initial stage.

Since multiple users requested a Unified Inbox to manage and store their personal and business work, the new update was supposed to offer such a feature.  However, Gmail did not offer a sign in this respect. Perhaps the next update will offer a unified inbox possibility for those who are eager to simplify things in the best way possible.

The updated Gmail app version 2.2.7182 is available for download and it can be found in the Official App Store.

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