GamePop Console Gets iOS Game Support

According to recent news, BlueStacks’ upcoming GamePop console has an extremely interesting feature. The fact that the device will be able to run games written for Android was already made public by the company. The surprise came Friday, when the company announced that the set-top box will also be capable of running games developed for Apple phones and tablets.

As the company stated in a current interview, BlueStacks developed a virtualization process known as “LookingGlass”, and it is believed to be the first non-Apple device capable of running iOS software. What appears to be very interesting is that, as the company’s CEO Rosen Sharma declared, if, with its Android engine BlueStacks uses Google’s open source code to actually run the software, when it comes to iOS, LookingGlass does not use any Apple code.


As it was affirmed, the iOS applications are run on the console through emulation software. BlueStacks CEO suggests that he has not been in contact with Apple until this moment; therefore, he could not say anything about the company reaction.

In accordance with the gaming expert Taigh Kelly who seemed to welcome the news, there is a lot of development necessary for the micro-consoles that bring mobile games to the TV to become viable.

It appears that BlueStacks not only that plans to release the console later this year, probably this winter, but also desires to have hundreds of iOS and Android titles running on GamePop.

The company has already lined up some important iOS and Android developers in order to support its console, such as Subatomic studios (the maker of the iOS hit Fieldrunners), Glu, Halfbrick, Jawfish Games, and Gameloft.

The developers will be given revenue from in-app purchases, in addition to an essential cut of subscription revenue, at the moment the console launches. All the iOS developers have the ability to begin submitting their apps through starting today.

The price for the GamePop’s subscription service is only $6.99 per month, and the company seems to be offering a free set-top box and controller to all the customers who decide to sing up for a one-year contract before the end of the month. After that period, the box and the controller will cost $129.

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