Free Voice Calls in US Using Facebook Messenger for iPhone

Facebook changes a lot as the time passes. Developers try to offer us something new each time in order to maintain our focus up. However, some changes are welcomed while others require some time for accommodation. Since there are billions of Facebook users all over the world. I am sure that you are one of them. The big new that I want to mention to you here is the fact that now you can initiate free voice calls in US using Facebook messenger for iPhone.

Free voice calls on Facebook Messenger on iOS

Despite the fact that Facebook has begun only as a social network where people were able to connect and talk with their lost friends, now its options and alternatives have overwhelmed the limitations of simple social network. These days, you can even merchandize your products on a Facebook page, sell your services or gain recognition for your brand. In what concerns the free voice calls via Facebook Messenger for iPhone, I am sure that this news will come as a shock for most carriers in US, and then from all over the world.

This service works through a Wi-Fi connection or a cellular data and it will not cost you carrier minutes at all. At the beginning, it was only a testing service, but since all went great, Facebook already implemented it on all iOS devices running the Facebook feature. In order to use the service, you do not need to update the Facebook application. In order to initiate a free phone call via Facebook, all you have to do is to tap the small “i” in the top right corner for a conversation and the option to make a call will be soon available near the “View Timeline” option. The receiver will be notified only if he or she has the Facebook application installed on iPhone.

This great service has become available due to the Facebook-Skype partnership signed in the middle of the last year, which allowed users to make video calls with another Facebook client. After the iOS support, I am sure that Android users will also be able to use the free phone calls service via Facebook pretty soon. Along with the free voice calls service, Facebook also implemented the Graph Search for users to find acquaintances much easier than in the past only by using certain common activities or random words.

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