Foxconn Starts Hiring as Apple Begins Next iPhone Production

Taipei Foxconn Technology Group, the world’s largest custom manufacturer of electronics started hiring personnel in order to prepare the new iPhone production.

An increased number of workers have been recruited at Foxconn, for the past month in Taipei; headquarter of Apple’s largest manufacturer for iPhone parts. The rumor comes from an unknown source, which prefers not to be revealed since all plans are still hidden. The Taiwan Company has added about 10,000 assembly-line workers per week in order to speed up the component production for the next Apple’s iPhone at Zhengzhou, the main production facility for iPhone.

Foxconn starts iPhone 5S production

According to the unknown source, Foxconn will continue hiring workforce in order to satisfy the seasonal demands from the big Fruit Company. As the executives have confirmed, Foxconn, the Taipei manufacturer has started producing Smartphone parts, designed for the next iPhone product.

It is expected that Apple will soon begin the production of the latest version of its popular Smartphone, more precisely in the second quarter of the year and cheaper handset designed to reach different markets and to beat competitions from Samsung or other mobile suppliers.

All Foxconn incomes were directly related to the Apple’s success in selling the iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod. So far, Foxconn owned more than 300,000 workers in Zhengzhou and more than 1.4 million workers in the whole country. Depending to the electronic production demands, Foxconn starts hiring another notable number of workers.

The new iPhone will certainly help Apple to regain its place in the best smartphone list, surpassing Samsung and its recently released Galaxy S4. Along with the release of iPhone 5, Apple sold around 47.8 million units in the first quarter of 2013 while showing a decrease in sales compared to the last year. However, since Apple gave up its world’s largest smartphone maker title to Samsung and it Galaxy S series, Apple is planning to take its place back with the future iPhone 5S and possible with the low-cost device.

However, company executive declined any other comment on this report, but as rumors previously showed, there is a little bit of truth beneath them.  There were two notable rumors surrounding the production of the well-awaited iPhone 5S. The first one suggested the fact that the production process will start in the current year, which might relate to a release date somewhere in the middle of the summer. The second rumor claimed the fact that Apple production of the next iPhone is delayed due to some process difficulties.

Within all leaked images, the new iPhone 5S appeared to display the volume and the mute button in different positions. In the same time, the iPhone 5S components seem to show various changes such as the fingerprint sensor and the push button-like aspect for the mute button. The new device is expected to own a similar size and shape as the existing model while offering faster and improved graphics.

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