Foxconn Caused Discontent Amongst Workers

According to recent news, Foxconn, a technology manufacturer that partners with Apple and other serious device makers, has apparently been at the bottom of the dissatisfaction of its factory workers. It has been rumored that the reason of the laborers’ discontent was the fact that the company began encouraging some employees to leave the company, in an effort to cut worker costs.

Although the Chinese news outlet People’s Daily Online Foxconn started reducing the number of the employees, it seems that the company denied all the rumors in regards to encouraging the workers to resign. Foxconn’s assertion happens to appear in opposition with current reports, which have claimed the company has not only reduced wages, but it also introduced new charges to employees, for services that were once free.


Foxconn’s manner of resolving its problems did not bring with it only frustration, but it seems that it created confusion between the workers, whose despair lead them to committing suicide. Therefore, a woman jumped from the roof of Foxconn’s Shenzhen factory at 9 a.m. local time last Friday. In addition to this unfortunate case, another three employees were said to be on the roof, threatening to jump, as well.

In order to avoid other incidents, Foxconn installed safety nets at its mega-factories years ago after a number of workers took to the roof and committed high-profile suicides in an effort to draw attention to working conditions and wages.

Apple Pressured Foxconn into Improving Work Conditions

This is not the first time this manufacturer appears to have problems as the global criticism of Foxconn is growing since years ago. Being one of its partners, it brought negative reports on Apple, as well. Therefore, Apple has been in the position of pressuring Foxconn into giving workers higher wages and improving working conditions.

In addition, in order to avoid criticism and the problems that might appear from the manufacture fabrics, besides tripling its social responsibility staff in the last year, the company also began publishing a list of its component suppliers. Furthermore, Apple became the first technology company to partner with the Fair Labor Association for independent audits of its partners’ overseas factories.

Not only that, but the company also decided to terminate its contracts with suppliers if it is discovered that they commit labor violations. Consequently, in January, Apple ended its collaboration with Guangdong Real Faith Pingzhou Electronics, as a result of 74 underage labor violations, committed by the manufacturer.

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