Flyover, 3D Buildings and Turn-By-Turn Navigation for Apple iMaps

Apple continuously tries to improve their personal mapping system, the famous Apple iMaps app. If, Apple iMaps encountered some difficulties and errors at the beginning, now, the system is getting better and better. Recently, the Fruit Company added Flyover support for more than 15 cities, 3D buildings worldwide, turn-by-turn navigation and many other useful features.

When Apple iMaps was first released back in September 2012 along with the iOS update, Apple CEO, Tim Cook apologized for all errors and minuses that the mapping system presented at the time. Since then, they tried to improve the service by adding new features and more accurate services for their well-debated iMaps app. Therefore, with each iOS update, the Apple iMaps app also received significant improvements.

Apple Maps Updated with New Features

The current Maps update was revealed without any other iOS update, but it does bring us multiple new options and possibilities. Now, they famous Flyover system was expanded in order to cover more than 30 cities in the whole world. Now, if you live in Indianapolis, Cologne, Providence, Baltimore, Portland or Glasgow, Scotland, you are able to use the Flyover service successfully. In the same time, for some other cities with existing Flyover support, the coverage area was expanded in order to offer results that are more accurate.

However, this is not all. Besides these Flyover compatibility changes, Apple also updated certain city labels and it has improved the satellite image we receive on our iDevices. Now, if you use Apple Maps to ask for guidance, you will also be able to receive location information for some Apple Stores, other notable businesses, movies theaters, restaurants, airports or bars. In the same time, cities such as Huston, London, Lyon, Barcelona or Copenhagen received 3D support for their capital buildings. Now, tourists are able to see the most notable buildings in a 3D mode when they do landscaping.

As you know, earlier this week, Apple also released an update for their mapping service, which offered improvements for Japan area mostly. There were always problems around this particular part of the world in what concerned Apple iMaps. In Japan, not all streets have names and the buildings are not numbered. These things made the system show some deficiencies. In exchange, the update brought better turn-by-turn navigation, building labels, and traffic signs. In the same time, China also received some notable enhancements concerning some international points of interested and new iconography.

Nevertheless, the Apple iMaps service still needs serious improvements, but as Tim Cook pointed out back when the app was released, Apple will take it all systematically in order to develop a stable and an effective mapping system. The fact that Apple removed the in-built Google Maps service, and replaced it with their private mapping service, it was a big step for the Fruit Company. Now they still need to work hard to reach the old level.

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