How to Fix Wi-Fi Errors on OS X Yosemite

Released in October, OS X Yosemite started to create a couple of problems for Mac users. Most of them complain about various Wi-Fi problems with the new release. OS X 10.10.1 is currently under development and testing, but the Wi-Fi problem needs to be fixed before this thing happens.

While some users complain about Wi-FI problems, others suggest that their devices are working properly. As main problem, Wi-Fi bug is related to the Wi-FI connections drop or stop working. In this case, at least until Apple addresses these issues, here is a possible solution for your problem.

Wi-Fi problems withOS X Yosemite

Stabilize the Wi-Fi Feature

This solution will help ensure that your Mac does not slip onto another Wi-Fi network on its own, without you entering your administrative password.

  1. Head over to System Preferences in Menu.
  2. Go to Network > Advanced and enable Change Networks.
  3. Once you enable this feature, click on the OK button and then click on Apply.

These steps should solve most of the Wi-Fi issues encountered by users all over the world. In the case this will not solve your problem; here is another solution that might be helpful.

Renew Mac’s DHCP Lease

  1. Head over to System Preferences in Menu once again.
  2. Also, go to Network > Advanced and click on TCP / IP. Here, enable Renew DHCP Lease.
  3. Once enables, click on the OK button.

After encountering the same Wi-FI problem after upgrading to 10.10.1 Yosemite, most users suggested that at least one of these two methods solved the problem. If you happen to encounter the same problem, check out and see if these alternatives will improve the Wi-Fi feature.

Apparently, the OS X 10.10.1 is currently under development, which means that Apple will definitely fix this with the final release. However, until then, these solutions are the only alternative you have left.

After upgrading to the latest version of OS X, some other users reported pairing / connection issues, as well as serious lags if a device does manage to connect to the Mac. All we have to do it to wait and see if Apple decided to fix all these malfunctions.


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