Fix the Unresponsive Home Button Issue on iPhone

During time, users always complaint about a common home button problem. The home button of their iPhone becomes unresponsive and it seems like there is nothing you can do in order to solve this issue. Some users actually used their warranty in order to fix this problem with the help of a specialist. However, if you are an unfortunate user who finds himself outside the warranty period, do not despair. Now, you can easily fix the unresponsive home button issue by yourself.

Unresponsive Home Button on iPhone

There are numerous accessories such as iPhone cases or iPhone protectors, which can help your smart device. However, the home button will always be predisposed to accidents and unresponsive situations. Along with the latest iPhone on the market, the iPhone 5, developers tried to prevent this situation from happening. They designed the home button much more resistant and strong. The good news is the fact that now you can fix this problem without visiting the Apple Services or any other mobile service. You can easily do it right in the comfort of your home in only a few minutes.

For this, you have several alternatives. You can try out each one of these solutions until you find the right one to fix your problem. I would want to mention the fact that some of these alternative solutions can be quite harmful for your device. So, take great care when performing each one of these processes if you do not want to brick your iPhone.

1. Calibrate your iPhone. When the home button becomes unresponsive, it might be related to a software issue. This means that you can easily fix it by calibrating your device. For this, you need to open a simple app, such as weather or calendar app on your iPhone. Press the Switch off button until the unlock screen appears. When you see the Slide to Unlock option, you need to release the sleep button and press on the Home button for 10 seconds. At this point, the app you launched previously should close. If this happens, it means that you have fixed the problem.

2. The second option is to realign the dock port. The wrong alignment of the dock port can really harm your device during time. In this case, you need to realign your dock port, as it should be. For this, plug the USB cable into your device and push on the USB connector until you feel like it is pressing on the Home button. In some cases, this method proved to be quite useful. However, keep in mind the fact that you can really damage your device if you do not perform this process gently.

3. Other users suggested the fact that a simple alcohol cleaning of the home button will do the trick. With a cotton tissue, gently clean the home button using alcohol. Wait several minutes and then try to see if the problem was solved.

4. The last method is a little bit drastic and it is designed for those of you who did not have success following the previous three solutions. You have the possibility to enable on-screen home button. For this, you need to go to Settings tab, then to General, Accessibility and search for Assistive Touch. Turn On this option and a small circle will appear on your screen. This will replace the former home button and you will be able to use it as such.

I hope that one of these alternatives has proved to be successful for you and for your unresponsive home button issue. However, if you still encounter this problem, you should visit a specialist.

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