Fix Slow App Store Issue on iOS 6 [Guide]

The App Store feature uses the Genius for Apps feature, which uses a location service in order to launch several apps. Some users suggest the fact that their recently updated iOS 6 devices are too slow and lazy when launching the App Store. If at the beginning, this seemed to be an impossible problem to fix, developers revealed a way in which you can increase performance on your device whenever you launch the App Store. Somehow, this slow App store issue is related to the location service used by several of these apps. Despite what everybody might think, the sluggish problem is not related to the 4G LTE service or with the 3G one which is typical for iPhone 5. It is related solely with the Genius app location feature.  Moreover, this sluggish performance problem with the App Store seems to come and go from time to time. If you have an iOS 6 running device and you experience the same problem, let me tell you that there is a solution for it, a simple one actually.

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Basically, the solution for this problem is to turn off the Genius for Apps feature. Here is a short guide for you to fix slow App Store issues on iOS 6.

1. Go to the Main Menu in the Settings section search down the Privacy option.

2. Click on the Privacy feature.

3. Scroll down until you find the Location Services.

4. Once you are in the Location Services, find the System services and tap on it.

5. Here, you will find the Genius for Apps feature and disable it.

6.  Press the home Button to return to the main screen

This should be all. Once you turned off the Genius for Apps feature, you should launch the App store again to see if the changes took place and if there is any improvement whatsoever. Most users suggest that this alternative is quite effective and it was successful. The App Store works just fine on any iOS 6 running device only after you performed this procedure.

I am sure that the next update for iOS 6 will cover this bug also so that users will not need to deal with it by themselves.

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