How To Fix iPad Mini 2 Retina Boot Loop Issue During Jailbreaking

When a jailbreak tool is released with no hitch, it is fair to expect a number of problems and bugs on our brand new jailbroken devices. The same happens in the case of the controversial Evasi0n7 for untethered jailbreak on iOS 7 devices. The team of developers encountered various issues along with their release due to a fair share of critics, as well as with the lack of proper Cydia Substrate support for Apple’s latest A7 devices.

Among all those critics, iPad Mini 2 Retina owners confessed that they encounter various cellular capabilities. Moreover, they also ran into some tethering issues, a moment when the device goes into a boot loop when performing the jailbreak. If you happen to encounter the same problem, then you really need to know that the problem is somehow fixed.

Fix IPad Mini 2 Retina Boot Loop issue

Developers managed to find a solution in order to fix this problem and one of the Evad3rs members, and namely Pod2g, has posted a tweet offering more of a workaround than a proper fix for the Retina loop problem. The developer suggested a simple alternative for all those users who happen to face this problem.

Therefore, if you want to fix your iPad Mini 2 Retina loop issue, try the following solution.

1. Restore your device and set a passcode.

2. During the jailbreak process, when Evasi0n7 asks you to unlock your device, wait around 30 seconds and then unlock it.

It is worth mentioning the fact that the developers strongly suggested that this procedure should be performed without a SIM card introduced within the device. This should fix the boot loop problem that generated different connectivity and tethering problems.

However, there is also the possibility that the above steps might not work on each device, and for every user, and in this case, the iPad might go into a boot loop once again. In this case, you should try each step again on a Windows 7 desktop computer. Apparently, with Windows, every user was able to fix the problem.

Nonetheless, it is highly important for you to wait those 30 seconds until you unlock your device. In case this solution does not work, try to update Evasi0n7 tool and start the jailbreak process once again. You can download Evasi0n7 from our Download Evasi0n page and use our Evasi0n7 for iOS 7 Untethered Jailbreak tutorial for a successful process.

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