Fix Grey Unplayable Songs Error for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Listening music on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch has become one of the most important activities for many people. When you travel by train or when you are bored at work, you play your favorite song for the time to pass quickly. The iTunes platform is the most used service to get all those amazing songs and videos. However, when you download a new album or song, you need to sync it to your device if you want to be able to play it. In this case, some people found out that their synced albums or songs are turning grey and they are unplayable. If you want to fix grey unplayable songs error for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you just need to follow some easy steps.

Sync iTunes Library with iPhone

This situation is pretty common for most people and it basically means that you are able to see the song, its title, but when you tap on it to play, it will not work. In most cases, this is probably a transfer issue. Your songs were not probably transferred as they should have, or you disconnected your device from your computer before the transfer was completed. In this case, here is what you need to do:

1. Relaunch iTunes on your desktop computer, your Mac or your PC, and make sure that your device is properly connected by USB or by Wi-Fi. At this point, you have two different methods:

– Resync your entire device to have all your personal data successfully synced and safe on your device.

– Resync only some song files. Select the ones that turned grey and sync them all over again. For this, all you have to do is to drag and drop each song from iTunes in your iPhone playlist.

2. Wait until your device syncs all files in order to avoid the unplayable grey songs error.

This should fix your problem with all those unplayable songs. In some cases, when you connect your device to your computer once again, the transfer to start all over again. However, some people who complaint about this problem, suggested the fact that the error occurs only in the case of a Wi-Fi transfer.

There are also several other situations when the transfer is not successful. In this case, you need to search for the root of the problem. So, if the problem persists, you should check to see if the USB cable is frayed or torn. Sometimes you should use a different USB port and in some particular cases, you should check for your Wi-Fi interface and internet connection. If you do not have a good signal, the transfer might not work as it should. In other cases, the song or file you want to transfer might be corrupted or incomplete. In this case, you need to find a new similar file.

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