Fix for the iOS 6.1 Exchange Bug Confirmed by Apple

Since iOS 6.1 was released, a high number of users complaint about certain bugs and problems with their devices when upgrading to iOS 6.1. There were problems such as low performance and battery life or in some cases, a 3G connectivity error for iPhone 4S users. However, these problems were fixed by Apple by releasing an update especially designed for iOS 6.1 iPhone 4S users. Now, some users complain about an awful Exchange bug, which is revealed after the iOS 6.1 upgrade.

Exchange bug fix for iOS 6.1 devices

In order to make things clear, let me tell you what this annoying bug is all about. This bug causes iOS 6.1 devices to loop continuously when synced to a recurring calendar meeting invitation. This also means that the battery life and performance of that particular device will be diminished. Users soon acknowledged the existence of this nasty bug within their devices and they complain towards Apple. In this respect, the Apple developers are working on a fix for the iOS 6.1 Exchange bug, and they confirmed it to their clients. In the same time, they also provided a temporary solution. Apple developers suggested that users should avoid the bug by not responding to an exception to a recurring event on the iOS 6.1 device.

They also advised users to turn the calendar for the Exchange account off, wait up to 10 seconds and then turn it back on. For this, you need to go to Settings> Mail, Calendars and to select the Exchange account in order to turn it OFF and ON. This solution should fix the iOS 6.1 Exchange bug until Apple offers an official bug fix. In the same time, Microsoft also gives users an alternative solution in order to fix this problem. They recommended to their users to restart their devices, to delete and then to add the Exchange account once again. In some cases, this proved to be a suitable solution for various users.

However, Apple did not offer a release date for the next update that is supposed to fix this bug, but at least we know for sure that they are working on it in a way or another. If you are dealing with this iOS 6.1 Exchange bug on your device, you should try out the previously mentioned solutions, to see if at least one of them solves your problem, or as a last resort, to wait for the official Apple update.

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