Fix Can’t Connect to iTunes Error on iOS 6 / 6.0.1 [Guide]

Along with each release of any iOS version, we receive major changes and modifications in what concerns certain aspects. As it is expected, it takes some time until specialists prepare any aspect for the release. Therefore, in some cases, you need to wait a little bit longer before your favorite feature or app is available on the new version. This also happens with the iTunes. Certain users, who recently upgraded their devices to iOS 6 or later, encountered an error suggesting the fact that iTunes cannot connect. In most of the cases, this error appears when you do not have a working internet connection and iTunes cannot connect to the Apple server. However, users encountered this iTunes error with a working internet connection and with all Apple servers running, as they should.

can't connect to itunes error

If you want to fix the “Cannot Connect to iTunes error” on your iOS 6/iOS 6.0.1 running devices, here is what you need to do. However, take into consideration the fact that yet there are no proves regarding this bug and only some users encountered it after they upgraded. However, if you want to fix it, you should try out this simple solution:

  1. Go to General until you find the Reset the device’s clock option.
  2. Here, Select Date & Time and switch off the automatic set of clock. In this way, your clock will no longer set itself automatically to the current date.
  3. Go to Set Date & Time and here, change the year with 2013, the same day, month and hour. Now, exit this tab and try to launch iTunes once again.

Some users suggest that this solution was suitable for them and their problem was solved. Now, iTunes should launch without any problem. If the “Can’t Connect to iTunes” error on iOS 6 / iOS 6.0.1 is gone, you can change the year back to the current one without any problem. Until Apple releases a new firmware version to fix this bug, you can easily try out this particular solution. After all, it proved to be successful for most of users.

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