First iPhone 5S Ad Highlights Touch ID Fingerprint

With almost a month since it was unveiled at the Cupertino headquarters along with the iPhone 5c, the iPhone 5S has caused a lot of rumors and critics in the same time. However, the Fruit Company has definitely managed to gather the public attention with these two handsets. As some customers might already know, the iPhone 5c was meant to increase the number of smartphone owners in third marketplaces, since it is a cheaper option.

On the other hand, the real concern is about the iPhone 5S, which offers an improved camera, 64-bit processor and fingerprint sensor among other amazing features and options. As expected, the focus lays on the fingerprint sensor, the first of this kind in the tech world. With the iPhone 5S, Apple has managed to open a new experience in what concerns the field of smart devices.

iPhone 5S magazine ad

However, today, the first magazine ad of the new flagship was revealed to the public, and so far, it is the first kind of commercial related to Apple’s flagship device. The touch ID fingerprint scanner appears to be the focal point within the ad as the device is displayed only with the bottom part, where the fingerprint is placed.

This new security feature has been described as being bodacious, but it is more than welcomed by most of the users since it upgrades the security system of any iPhone 5S device. It actually represents a major improvement on the traditional passcode. Now, it is more than convenient to scan a fingerprint than tapping the secret code in order to access your device.

Apple has confirmed that the system is more than secure, actually is ten times more secure than the traditional passcode feature, and it proves the fact that the Cupertino-based company has put a lot of work into improving and configuring this process.

As far as the ad is concerned, it was about time to show off something related to the iPhone 5S since the iPhone 5c has been advertised a great deal since its release. For the cheaper handset, critics never ceased to appear. It was considered a little bit too expensive for a budget device, but it is more than appropriate for those who want something expensive at a cheaper price.

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