Fifth Generation of iPad Reported to Arrive in March with iPad Mini-like Design

Various sources suggest the fact that a new smart device will be revealed by the Fruit Company in March next year. The same Japanese rumors who were quite accurate in the past regarding certain Apple devices, now suggest that the fifth generation iPad will arrive at the beginning of March 2012. Considering the fact that Apple released the fourth generation of iPad two months ago, we can assume that the time will be just precise for another launch. Apple accustomed its clients with a new iPad for the beginning of each year and a new one in a six-month interval.

new ipad

Apparently, the design of the future iPad 5th generation is going to be inspired by the iPad mini and it will bring a lot of new features and options. The major difference will concern its design. It will be slimmer and lighter than any other product released before. Some exact details show that the iPad 5th generation will measure 4mm in height, 17 mm in width and 2 mm in depth.

In the same time, apparently, Apple is already working on a second generation of the famous iPad mini. The iPad mini 2 is also supposed to appear in the middle 2013. This smart device is expected to land with a 2048 X 1536 Retina display and an A6X processor. Some critics suggest the fact the Apple hurries the production of a new tablet, or in this case, two of them if we count the iPad mini second generation, due to the high competition from the Microsoft, Amazon or Samsung on the tablet market.

Until March next year, or until the middle of 2013, all we have to do is to wait and assume the best from the fifth generation of iPads. However, with all these being said, it seems that 2013 will be an interesting and fruitful year for the Fruit Company.

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