Facebook Adds ”Chat Heads” Feature to iPhone and iPad

Recently, Facebook has updated its iPhone and iPad application with a useful feature. The “Chat Heads” update allows users to keep using the chat feature even when they are doing other things.

The Chat heads feature displays friends’ profile pictures in a pop-up window whenever they send a message. The Chat Heads feature is only a smaller part of the implementation process that Facebook is trying to do with a new Home app for some Android operating system devices. The software is already available for a short list of Android phones such as Galaxy S3, HTC One or HTC First. There is nothing to worry about for the rest of users. The full update will be available for all users in the second week of May.

Facebook Chat Heads Feature

The Chat Heads feature was initially announced to be a part of Facebook’s Home Android software experience, but now, Apple users are able to enjoy the useful and handy feature. The main purpose of the Chat heads feature is to allow users to keep a running list of conversations without leaving what they are currently doing.

If in the case of the Home update people are able to move from reading timeline, for example, to chatting with friends, iPhone and iPad users will have to stay inside Facebook application in order to use the Chat heads feature. For users interested in updating their Facebook application, the Update is already available in the App Store. However, Facebook suggested the fact that the chat heads feature will be available only next week.

Now, with the new Facebook Update, iPhone and iPad users will be able to see the small circular pop-up window each time they will receive a message from a friend. In the same time, the friend’s profile picture will be displayed. On iOS, the chat icons will surely make a difference and the extra screen of the iPad will make the multitasking even easier. Users are able to move chat heads around and dismiss notification and chats only by flicking the icons to the bottom of the screen.

The Chat Heads feature is not the only change Facebook has implemented within the iOS devices. The leading social platform has redesigned the app completely while adding some navigation elements across the bottom of the app. In the same time, it has added a sticker capability. The Sticker allows users to place different icons and stickers in a chat window in order to customize it. Moreover, users are able to filter the Newsfeed section in order to show only photos and activities of only certain friends.

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