Evasion Jailbreak iOS 6.1 / 6 Untethered for iPhone 5, 4S and All iDevices [Full Guide]

I am thrilled to announce that Evasion jailbreak iOS 6.1 / 6 untethered for iPhone 5, 4S and all iDevices has finally been released just a few moments ago. This is surely a dream come true for all of you jailbreakers out there. It seems that the newly formed Evad3rs dev team has kept their word and released the Evasion jailbreak tool for iOS 6.1 / 6 as they promised. At first sight Evasion jailbreak tool is very user friendly and it’s an extremely efficient way to make the complicated background jailbreak process happen with just a few clicks and seem so simple to us.

The wait is finally over because Evasion untethered jailbreak tool supports all firmware versions: iOS 6.0, iOS 6.0.1, iOS 6.0.2, iOS 6.1. So you don’t have to worry anymore which firmware are you running on your iDevice, i just recommend that you update it to iOS 6.1 and use the magic of Evasion jailbreak tool.

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As mentioned before, Evasion tool supports all +20 variants of iOS devices including the newly released iPhone 5 running on iOS 6 through iOS 6.1. However i should mention that Evasion untethered jailbreak does not support Apple TV.

Requirements for the jailbreak procedure:

  • An iOS iDevice running on any iOS 6.x firmware version.
  • A computer running at least Mac OS X 10.5 or above, Windows XP or above, Linux operating system.
  • A USB cable to connect your iDevice to your computer

Evasion Jailbreak iOS 6.1 / 6 Untethered step-by-step instructions:

Note: I strongly recommend that you make a complete backup of your iDevice using either iCloud or iTunes before proceeding with the instructions below. If you already have a tethered jailbreak on your A4-based iDevice you should know that you can easily flip it to the untethered jailbreak mode by installing “evasion 6.x untether” from Cydia.

Step 1: Download Evasion Jailbreak tool for your operating system (Windows / Mac / Linux).

Step 2: Turn Off your Passcode lock if you have any from: Settings -> General -> Passcode Lock -> Off.

Step 3: Both iTunes and Xcode (if installed) must be closed.

Step 4: Run Evasion jailbreak tool app on your computer.

Step 5: Connect your iDevice to your computer via the USB cable and make sure that your iDevice is recognized by the Evasion jailbreak tool.

Step 6: Click the Jailbreak option and now just wait while Evasion tool does all the necessary steps to inject and run through the jailbreak process like preparing jailbreak data, injecting jailbreak data, rebooting the iDevice, uploading Cydia and uploading the Cydia packages list. This may take a few minutes so please do not touch anything.

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Step 7: After the process is complete unlock your iDevice and you should see a “Jailbreak” app icon on your home-screen.

Step 8: Tap the “Jailbreak” icon, now the screen should go black for a few seconds and will be back on the home-screen after a short while. In the meantime you should see more messages like injecting jailbreak messages and Root Filesystem successfully remounted on the Evasion jailbreak tool.

Step 9: The rest of the evasion untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1 / 6 process is automated. Please be patient as your iDevice might restart several times. In this part of the jailbreak process you should see more messages like Setting up Cydia, Clearing SpringBoard Cache, Rebooting, Patching kernel, Cleaning up and finally Done.

Step 10: Now you should be taken to your Lock screen, which means that the jailbreak process is now complete and the Cydia icon should be on your home-screen. Take notice that on your first load of Cydia it might take a minute or two. You will be taken back to your Lock screen for one final time, unlock again, open Cydia and choose your user type.

Congratulations!!! You have successfully managed to jailbreak iOS 6.1 / 6 with Evasion Jailbreak tool. If you are just wondering which apps to install first on your iDevice, you can take a loot at our Top Cydia Apps post and also check out our Best Cydia Repos post for more information about Cydia sources. Let the app frenzy begin!

Stay tuned with iFlowReader with more news and tutorials.

Latest Comments
  1. Denis

    thanks Evasion it was really user friendly didnt even need to get my iphone on DFU mode was easy and fast. there is some problems on cydia to adding repos or reload on cydia but its ok for me thanks again

  2. Randytjuh

    yeah i got cydia on my ipod touch but know i would like to know how to get a programme like “installous” to get free apps

    • Darwin

      The installous doesnt exists anymores, but you can download app for free with a software called kuaiyong, its a chinese software, but you can watch a tutorial on youtube.I downloaded Angry Birds, Assassins Cred, Chrome, MX Youtube. No Jailbreak required!

    • ern

      cydia.hackulo.us had already been shutdown so no more installous app

      • saad

        no installous is very i have been trying to get installous but it says unrecognize source…………… thank you for telling me

    • LouDog

      You cant . Installous is no more since apple shut them down .

      • Cody Hall

        their is you have to look it up as a installous alternative.

      • Chase

        Vshare an appcake replaced installous

      • Not dumb

        Are you repliers retarded?

        Sorry butt if you have a 2nd grade understanding you would know the OP said LIKE installous. NOT installous.

        .yes we ALL know installous is gone.

  3. Beau

    Thank you so much. Been waiting for this for a very long time. Absinthe for life!

  4. Shooed Louinsky

    cydia apps crash on iphone 5 and iphone 4s. Any way to download and install apps from cydia? Also can i use evasi0n to unlock sprint iphones to use any sim card?

    • cESAR

      I have the same problem…..
      How do I unlock iphone 4s from sprint deactivated, to use with any sim card ???

    • Austin


      • Cesar

        Do I-File unlock SIM ??

  5. Hazel

    Jailbreak was awesome! I don’t quite understand why I can’t download anything from cydia though … Any explanations?

    • Damon

      Cydia is experiencing a huge traffic flow that is causing their servers to run super slowly and causing error codes as well as downloads to fail either right away, or in the middle of the process.

  6. sam

    i would also like to know if theres a way for me to unlock my phone to be used on any sim after its jailbroken???

    • reshav

      if you have got iphone 3Gs then its possible.

      • SHEHU AS

        I have a 3gs. Please tell me how to unlock after jailbreaking it with evasion. Thanks in advance

        • SHEHU AS

          I have an iphone 3GS V 4.1 (8B117) which I want to upgrade to v6.1 and jailbreak with evasion. Can I unlock it after the the upgrade and jailbreak? Can you help me answer this question? Thanks in anticipation.

          • Perez

            I am having the same issue.. Can you Reshav point to a guide or a page that explains how to unlock after jailbreak with evasion.

          • Perez

            i have hactivated iphone 3gs ios 6.1 with sn0wbreeze and jailbroken it with evasi0n. Now I get no service and the carrier option is not available. Can you help?

        • Reshav

          Read on to know how to unlock iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS on the latest iOS 6 firmware using Ultrasn0w fixer 6.0 — with preserved iOS 6 modem firmware baseband.

          Utrasn0w fixer unlock for iOS 6
          This is not the official ultrasn0w tool that the iPhone Dev Team created. It’s a package that works with the official tool for supported basebands, those that can be unlocked by the official tool itself. This tool can be used until the official ultrasn0w is updated to unlock iOS 6.

          Devices compatible with iOS 6 Ultrasn0w fixer
          iPhone 4
          iPhone 3GS
          iOS 6 Basebands compatible with ultrasn0w fixer 6.0
          Ultrasn0w supports only older basebands, if you want to preserve your iOS 6 baseband you need to use custom firmware with Redsn0w 0.9.15b1 — read more here.

          Baseband 01.59.00 (iPhone 4)
          Baseband 04.26.08 (iPhone 3GS)
          Baseband 05.11.07 (iPhone 3GS)
          Baseband 05.13.01 (iPhone 3GS)
          Baseband 05.12.01 (iPhone 3GS)
          Baseband 06.15.00 (iPhone 3GS)
          Unlock iOS 6 with ultrasn0w fixer – Guide
          First of all, you need a jailbroken iPhone 4 or 3GS on the iOS firmware. You can do this from our iOS 6 jailbreak guide posted here.

          Step 1: Open Cydia on your jailbroken iPhone.

          Step 2: Head over to Manage > Sources. Now at the top right hand corner, tap on Edit.

          Step 3: Enter the following repository in the URL: http://repo.iparelhos.com

          Add Ultrasn0w fixer 6.0 repo
          Step 4: Tap on the source that you entered in step 3.

          Step 5: A package called ultrasn0w fixer for 6.0 will be presented to you. Tap on it to start installation.

          Ultrasn0w fixer iOS 6.0
          Step 6: Download the official ultrasn0w and that’s it.

          Congrats! Ultrasn0w fixer will now unlock your iPhone 3GS / iPhone 4 on iOS 6. This will do until the official ultrasn0w is updated. Do keep in mind the ultrasn0w fixer needs to be downloaded before the official tool itself.

  7. dannyb

    Im running and ipod 5th gen on 6.1 and evasion is not detecting my device. Any suggestions?

    • reshav

      open iTunes and then try the process.
      your phone will get detected.

      thank you

    • Nash

      I try everything with hrs, no chance to pair my iphone 5 and evasion app?!!

      • Reshav

        Restore it from itunes and try connecting.

  8. Argus

    thanks for that cool stuff!

    when i install redsn0w to unlock i cannot connect to my network provider anymore.
    any tricks?

  9. Brad

    The weather app keeps closing when trying to load after the jailbreak. On my iPhone 5

    • John the ultimate Jailbreaker (not)

      Same here, my weather app does not want to load, it just goes right back to the home screen after looking like it’s loading for half a second.

      ALSO, after I install Dreamboard, I cannot uninstall it, on top of the fact that I cannot load the themes :(

      If anyone can help out with the weather app though, that would be great!

      • Ben

        All of my apps crash instantly when i try to open them!!!!!!! Please help.. email me the answer ben_bennett74@yahoo.com

        • Billy

          Hey how did you fix that

    • Nikki

      you need to remove appsnyc from cydia packages.

  10. pepe

    hi, I need some help. When im trying to jailbreak mi ipod touch 5g with ios 6.0.1 the evasi0n program stops at “uploading cydia” and it says ERROR: unable to upload cydia and I have to exit. how can I fix that?

    • reshav

      restore you iPhone via itunes and try.

  11. white pawn

    can’t fully use cydia..it’s not yet updated for this jailbreak..

  12. miguel

    after i download the app evasion on my mac it wont open. it says that an error has occurred. does anyone knows how to fix it?

  13. irritated

    evasi0n just keeps on not opening on osx 10.5.8. Any reason why?

    • Damon

      I had the same problem when absinthe 2.0 came out. go to your applications folder in finder. then find the Evas0n application. then right click and say “show package contents” then click “MacOs” then open the only thing in there. that should work. :)

      • Not working

        Anyone found an answer yet? I can’t open the file :(

        • Geeker1993

          Evasion works perfect on my windows pc

  14. Ali Jee

    How jb iphone 4s in recovery if it carrier locked and is not activated? How i am going to click jailbreak icon? Plz tell me plz plz

    • reshav

      hacktivate your phone first.

  15. Vivek

    All default apps gone after the jailbreak.

    • gp

      I also have the same problem

  16. Simon

    Very important question:
    I have IPhone 4, Modem Firmware 01.59.00 .
    Does it save the Modem Firmware?


    • reshav

      update your phone via preserve base band mode.

  17. Dennis

    Hi guys, thanks for the jaibreak. Easy to do, but: once I had my Ipad Ios 6.1 jailbroken I was unable to import the jailbroken apps from my Itunes libery. After syncing it the Ipad said “unable to install…” Any advice?

    • reshav

      get appsync 5+ from cydia then sync.

      it will get installed

      • Dennis

        Thanks! Appsync was the answer. Now my apps can be installed via Itunes.

  18. anton spivak

    iphone 4s
    win xp
    jailbreak icon stays grey when device is connected
    nothing happend
    doesnt works for me

    • ivakas

      same here… please tell us what to do

    • kati

      same thing happend to me.. help plz …

    • me too

      me too! it’s annoying, disabled password lock, itunes backup, disabled everything, and it’s still greyed out, help please!!!

    • Geeker1993

      What I had to do was plug in my iPhone 4 to the computer, shut off the iPhone and wait until it says charging then turn the iPhone back on with it still connected to the computer then once your iPhone turns on let your computer find it then it will take about 10 – 15 minutes for evasion to find it and just click jailbreak

  19. zana

    hi I could jailbreak my iPhone 5 but cydia is not working any advice please

    • reshav

      booth your iPhone if you jailbreaked from redsnow.
      if not then restore and jailbreak again.

  20. Gigi123456

    ISSUE AFTER JAILBREAK — after installing winterboar my iphone rebooted but got stuck on the apple logo. I was able to find how to turn it on again I guess in DFU mode or something like that (i’m new at this..) you know holding the power and home button and then releasing the power and continue holding the home one.. that’s the only way to turn it on. Anyone else having the same issue??

    • Brian

      Same issue here infact I have to do the dfu mode like thing you did a few times to get past the apple logo.

      • Kia

        Hi all, I can confirm GIGI123456 and Brian’s experiences. Very odd and worrying. The bricking had occurred on 4 occasions and I’ve restored on 4 occasions. On the first occasion I’d got the whole phone sorted after updating to 6.1, hours of messing, so was pretty miffed. I read Brian’s comments and after a number of DFU attempts the screen displaying power code and itunes began appearing. I’m sure there’s a technical title for the screen but the name is absent from my vocabulary! After, holding the power button prompted a re-start. I’ve just performed another restart after a Cydia update and everything restarted correctly. Thank you Brian for the heads up – I wish I’d read it earlier this afternoon.

        • The_SanguineWolf

          I had the same issue after Winter Board install, only DFU boot wouldn’t start the phone. I plugged it into my laptop intending to restore it and it booted immediately on its own. However, neither Cydia or Winter Board start now. I’m going to restore/JB/reattempt and I’ll post results. I also noticed that Cydia can’t handle all my repos with out error and failing to operate so I had to skim down to fix it,

          • Kia Farnhill

            It’s strange how so many people are experiencing different problems with the jailbreak. I’ve subsequently installed Winterboard without a glitch although with a degree of trepidation at the time. I took to running restore, JB and installing what I gathered to be the troublesome addon. I thought it was activator or SBsettings. Restarted after Activator install and the bricking occurred. And it now seems I was lucky to get out of it relatively quickly. It’s obvious it’s not one particular addon. Let’s hope the development team figure out the cause sooner rather than later and release an update.

            Good luck.

      • Kia Farnhill

        Another point to note, when the device bricked for the very first time I had applied the updates for ‘overly long restarts’ and ‘weather app’ bug within Cydia. So I’m sure this is a bug which needs to be confronted and removed by the developers. And an update on restarts. After using the DFU attempt ‘fix’ I have managed several restarts without issues.

        All this said and done, well done the developers for a monumental task cracking the purported uncrackable! A rosey future for you awaits in any number of security agencies – take your pick ;)

      • joshua

        im hving the same prob and i cant get to pass it

  21. Tom

    AppCake+ is the aleternative to Installo.us

    • The_SanguineWolf

      How effective?

  22. Steve

    i can’t see the ‘Jailbreak’ icon on iphone screen can someone help me

    • Jeremy

      Same problem here

      • Muzawe

        Try to enter in DFU mode

  23. Darius

    I’m trying to use this to jailbreak my ipod 4g with ios 6.1, and some reason it keeps just stopping on early stages randomly. The furthest stage it gets to is Injection Stage 2 (1/3) and does not do anything.

  24. james

    just installed evasion on my iphone 5, installed winterboard now my phone is stuck at the apple logo after reboot…. any suggestons

    • ihumaindz

      try to reboot once more;and see
      maby i can give u some suggestion to do ..so
      is your iphone detected in IFUNBOX ..if its so .;try to delete all the files in RAW FILE SYSTEM/library/mobile substrate
      then go to RAW FILE SYSTEME/library/preference loader and delet every thing in ..
      by the end reboot your iphone .
      NOw if ur iphone isnt detected in ifunbox then u need to restore THE IOS6.1 via itunes ..and then jealbreak again ..by the end instal APPSYN IOS 6.1 firts then ultrasnow ..

      keep me up if there s some thing else i can do

  25. james

    nevermind….. did a hard reset and everything came back on

  26. Mike


  27. sicboyslim

    i jailbroke fine using evasion installed couple of cydia tweaks but one of them made my phone brick! it restarted the springboard but then it just rebooted and got stuck on the apple logo like never before, dfu mode wont work!and when i try plug it into the pc n itunes it just keeps beeping like it does when charging! wow!

    • susan bailey

      my phone did the same when I upgraded to 6.1..i had to take it to the apple store and they fixed it …

  28. Sujoy

    After updating 3GS to IOS 6.1 using evasi0n and sn0wbreeze, iPhone is not recognized as a device in iTunes. The problem is happening in both Windows 7 64 bit, and Mac 10.7.5. I can use tools like image capture (OSX) to view images or i-funbox/iExplorer to view files in both windows 7 and Mac.

    • Dhark12

      Having the same Issues With my iPhone 3GS that i updated using custom IPSW made from latest snowbreeze that support evasion jailbreak. now my itunes no longer detects my iphone 3GS. hope someone can tell me what happened here.

  29. kolay

    Awesome thank you soooo much i was looking jailgreak for my ipad2 long long time ago and tired to dawnload and install ipsw and firewell. now very easy to get cydia on my ipad2 few second done woot i got cydia now yayyyy

  30. djivanp

    i have a problem after install new jailbreak on my iphone 3gs my itunes can not see my phone.I check everythink (service on windows ; apple mobile device and drivers ) but nothing don’t see , if someone can help me .Thank you :)

    • Hdasa

      Have the same problem , I uninstalled and installed the drivers and nothing helps.
      Anyone with help?

  31. ducdon

    now, after jb, how can i unlock my ip4 and use it in another countries ?

  32. camille

    Hi. I need help! :( Winterboard is not working in my phone. And colorkeyboard and barrel are not showing up on settings :( Whats the problem? I tried to reinstall them several times but nothing happened. Im running on ios 6.0.1. Thankyou for the help!

    • ihumaindz

      if a tweak is present in ur springboard and not in ur setting board ;(in condition that the tweaks works normaly) then u need to instal preference loader..that cames normaly with the package..coz ur problem happens especialy when some one try to instal tweask via “.DEB” file.

    • ihumaindz

      nd for ur information WINTERBOARD doesnt fit 100% with IOS 6.1 ;;i installed it but it keeps crashin down ..so pe patient for a real update of the tweak.

  33. diego

    Evasi0n CONFIRMED issues (at feb 06, 2013):

    IOS 6.1 iphone 3Gs,4,4s,5:

    *weather app don’t start or it starts and freezes the iPhone

    *SMS don’t work in iPhone 3Gs with ultrasn0w, iMessage activation message not showing sometimes, but it effectively activates

    *Cydia app don’t start, or shows white icon,

    IOS 5.1.1 downgrading issues:

    *Cydia starts but not shows any repositories

    *Cudia app don’t start, or it starts and freezes the iPhone

    i have collected this data among my peers whom use iPhone, and from different OS X/iPhone support forums

    • Graham

      Weather app working fine here. On 6.1 iphone 5.

      No issues found so far

    • Ashden Seir

      Confirmed on Iphone 3GS with iOS 6.1, unlocked with ultrasn0w for the weather app and SMS.

  34. Julio

    hello, I just jailbreak my ipad 3 (i do thank you for your hard work), with the 6.1 ios, the problem that I have is that my apps downloaded from installous or other websites are not sync via itunees; itunes give me this message – itunes sync “app” failed to install – in the past I use installous to install 1 app, after that the sync was normal with the other apps… can you help me please… thank you!

    • AD

      Just go into cydia and install “appsync” then you should be able to sync your apps which were previously installed from installous (although depending on ios 6 compatibilty they may not all work)

  35. Dakota

    My phone rebooted and its kinda dim and its just got apple logo on the screen it wont cut back on wtf do i do i done jailbroke the phone last night it just wont cut back on.

  36. Jong

    jailbroken but when it says unlock and tap jailbreak to restart, i can’t find the jailbreak button, any idea?? please help!

  37. jen

    my phones been stuck on the patching kernel… screen for maybe over five minutes now. is this normal? is there something i should do? HELP1

    • Alvin

      I am also the same issue please help! :(

  38. Arnan

    can anyone help me to solve this issue? i have iphone 4. update to 6.1 and got updated iTunes.

    the problem is that when i click the jailbreak button. it says.

    “ERROR – Could not get com.apple.mobile.installation.plist “

  39. Eric

    Works on ipad 3 running 6.0.1. Thanks.

  40. Daniel

    I have just jailbroken my iPod 4th gen and everythign is working fine but if i try to add the slightess thing like SBsettings my springboard will crash and continieu to crash no mater what untill i un install it, it has done this to me for every thing i tried to get exept for winterbord wich seems to work fine for the moment. any tip or pointers to help me out?

    • Alex GTI

      Don’t install winterboard .. It will freeze up your phone and your phone will be stuck at boot logo

      I had this problem and after removing Winterboard everything is ok

  41. Liz

    The jailbreak icon wont show up on my home screen even though i followed all the directions! HELP

    • Domiyx

      i have the same problem it want me to open the jailbreak icon but ther is no jailbreak icon eaven tho i installed everything correctly.

  42. Caro

    Hi! I have 3GS, BB 06.15.00, a tethered (!) jailbreak on iOS 5.1 unlocked. I now want to update to untethered jailbreak 6.1 using evasion. But how can I also unlock the phone??? Thanks a lot for your help!

  43. Caro

    Hi! I have 3GS, BB 06.15.00, a tethered (!) jailbreak on iOS 5.1 unlocked. I now want to update to untethered jailbreak 6.1 using evasion. But how can I also unlock the phone??? Thanks a lot for your help!

  44. aditya

    yesterday iphone 4 ios 6.1 untethered jail break successfully but unlock baseband 4.12.05 ? andy solution

  45. zana

    please help still can not open cydia it saya time out.and my weather doesn’t open too.can I jailbreak again or what should I do?any advice ..thank you

  46. Artistshah

    I got iphone 4s i m plaing to use this evision, but wil somone make me sure that does it work with Gevey sim 4s ios 5.1.1 ? wt i do 1st ? to update from itunes to 6.1 or is their any other way ? or i dnt need at all the use evision ? plz guide me

  47. cloker

    how to jail break locked iphone 4g ios 6.1 with evasion?
    It says it needs to be activated before jailbreak. Can’t I just jailbreak without activation?
    My baseband is 4.11.08 so, i can’t unlock my phone.

  48. Alex GTI


    I realized that my Iphone started freezing and getting stuck at the boot logo after I installed winterboard ..

    So,I removed Winterboard from cydia and now,my phone boots up without any problem and it’s not crashing anymore!!!

    NCSettings,Springtomize 2,NCDate,Infinifolders,BlurriedNCBackground work without winterboard ..

    I don’t really use themes so I don’t really need it ..
    Even the icons from iBlank didn’t show(you know that after you create one blank icon you have to apply a theme from winterboard .. No Icon Shadow)

    Try it and give me a reply if that worked for you and you’re phone boots up ok :D

  49. awa2001

    hackulo.us=exsellize.com this is repo for free apps and installous=appcake :))

  50. RAF

    I need Hactivate help please, I have a iphone 4s 64gb on japanese carrier Softbank but I am in the UK and dont have a softbank simcard, is there any way to hacktivate as my phone is not activated yet! it was a present from my cousin in Japan.

  51. Mayur

    How can I download any apps from Cydia.. Which I used to get free while installous use to work

    • Peter


  52. joshua

    hey guys im hving trouble getting pass the apple logo. i tried to install siri port and then i rebooted it. but it got stuck in the apple logo and i cudnt pass it. i tried to keep putting it in dfu mode but stil nothin. it stil stuck

  53. akbar

    hi. i am hanvin problem with jailbreakin any device after i start jailbreaking procces it goes till unlock your device and tap once on evasion icon, but i connat faind that icon, it does not exists, i tryed on any device, i tryed hard reset device,reboot, i tryed everythin but it didnt work can anyone help me please. thank you

  54. kamalesh

    after successful jailbreak on my iphone 4s ios6.1, i m not able to sync 3rd party apps through itunes why?
    pls help

  55. Trek

    Mos of the time my iphone 3gs keeps rebooting when i do something.. what’s wrong ?

  56. collins

    Help! After successfully jb my iphone4 with evasion, now itunes cant recognized my phone. Saw 2 earlier comments with same problem, but no solution yet.

  57. Erica

    Jailbroke my iPhone 4 on iOS 6.1 successfully but afte installing a few tweaks, the Cydia app along with iFile, Winterboard, and Bytafont all disappeared from my springboard (they were all in the same folder) and I cannot seem to retrieve them. This is the second time it’s happened and I have to restore my phone and jailbreak again to get them back only for it to happen again.

    • Alex

      same problem with me.

    • saurabh

      Hi Guys

      I am encountering the same issue do we have a solution by any luck?

  58. Simon

    Hi, I hactivated iphone 3gs ios 6.1 after owner accidentally upgrated jailbroken phone to ios 6.1. Now I have it hactivated with Sn0wbreeze and jailbroken with evasi0n and I have no carrier and no service in the top of the phone. Can someone help me out and tell me what to do right now.

    best regards

  59. Nike

    Recently I jb my ipad3…
    And forgot to take backup….
    So after jb I can’t install ipa files….
    Pls help….!!!

  60. Niketan

    Recently I jb my ipad3…..
    But I forgot to take backup…
    And now I can’t install my ipa files…..
    Pls help……!!!!

  61. Matt

    Following all the steps but the jailbreak icon isn’t appearing on the home screen, this is on an ipad2 iPhone 4S and a 5.. Any ideas..

  62. JJ

    After installing in an iPhone 4, I have no phone service. It says I have an invalid SIM.

  63. John Boy

    I Can’t find the jailbreak icon and all of my default apple apps are missing

  64. John Boy

    I Can’t find the jailbreak icon and all of my default apple apps are missing

  65. Cam

    My iPhones been stuck on the boot apple logo for 10 minutes now… Whats wrong? I’ve tried rebooting and everything. Do I have to send it into recovery mode? :(

  66. Wickedxxangel

    I jail broke with evasion on iPhone 4S iOS 6 . Everything was working fine until I downloaded something from cydia for winterboard, now my cydia folder has disappeared ! The theme I had set is still working , everything else is working but the folder that contained cydia and winterboard are missing! How do I get into cydia if I can’t find it?

  67. Soul Hacker

    After evasi0n jailbreak, iTunes is not detecting my iPhone! Cant transfer any music or anything else. It simply doesnt show up in the iTunes menu!! Other software such as iFunBox detects it absolutely fine but iTunes doesnt! PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

    iPhone 3GS, iOS 6.1

  68. Tomas Fiala

    Hi there,
    do you know the felling when you totally fuc** something? My iPhone was booting up about 30 minutes, I stopped belive. I want say you to be carefull. Dont install stupid things from cydia!!! My iPhone restore on his owm. I will delete JB and wait for new JB, better Jb…

  69. ben

    How do you take jailbreak off

  70. LadiiD

    How do i remove this jailbreak from my phone? My phone has been doing a lot of crashing and I don’t like that shit

    • Erica

      You need to restore your phone.

  71. Guo

    Do evasion preserve my baseband..currently at 4.10.01..if i upgrade using evasion will my baseband also upgrade to newer one??

  72. Llyt

    I jailbroke my iPhone 5 last week and it was working fine until yesterday. My phone has no service. I’ve resetted my networks settings multiple times and that still hasn’t cured the problem. Some people say to restore my phone and then jailbreak it again. Any help?

  73. Drac

    once you jailbreak, it will be difficult to do a restore………….

  74. Ces@ar

    I have iphone 4S ios SPRINT 6.0.1 evasi0n jailbreak, There is any way I can unlock to use with any other sim ??

  75. Djisma

    When I Jailbroke my iPhone4 with evasi0n the Cydia’s icon wont appear. what can I do ??

  76. a1b2c3vov

    Thank you so much, with your detailed construction, i finally done it =]

  77. Anonymous

    Hey, i was wondering,
    I got my ipad 2 jailbroken ios 5.1.1 with redsn0w.
    Can i just update my ios and then follow the steps above?

  78. Shane

    After I download everything, can I put a password back on my phone?

  79. Guest

    hello. I installed some games and i can open then, but when I downloaded and installed wallpapers it’s shown that they are installed but not showing. I have 4s ios 6.1

  80. KingS

    Is it works with Ipad 2..?

  81. Lauren

    Hi I have jailbroke my phone 2 times and am having the same problem. My Cydia and all other apps from cydia like to disappear. Is there anyway I can get Cydia back on my phone without having to restore again?

  82. jigar suthar

    i had installed cydia through resn0w, now shall i update through evasion it occur any problem i am using ios 6.1 iphone 3gs please reply..

  83. Carter

    How do I uninstall this Jailbreak and Cydia?

  84. Andy

    All the apps that were gotten with installous, how do I get them back after upgrading to 6.1.2 and JBing with Evasi0n? Will they be lost? Is there some way to automatically install Cydial or installous after a new JB?

    • Andy

      Meant to say, is there some automated way to re-install my old Installous and Cydia packages, without having to install them one at a time?

  85. tamera

    mine says erroe right after it says downloading cydia,why is this?help!

  86. ahmer

    flop my iPod is still in setting it not working

  87. steve

    I jailbroke my iphone using evasi0n. I accidently deleted cydia off my iphone 5 ios 6.1. I dont have any other cydia programs installed on my iphone. how can I get it back? I tried re installing the evasion jailbreak but it says I already have cydia installed.


  88. yanyan

    nice. i did it, and evad3rs did it well. thanks to you and more power

  89. DT666

    Evasion wont recognize my iphone 3gs. Any tips? Jailbreak is still grey

  90. Mehul

    I use an iphone 3gs
    If I jailbreak through evasion method, will my baseband be preserved????

    Need 2 know urgently


  91. Mehul

    I use an iphone 3gs
    Plz reply
    very imp & urgent

  92. navjot singh

    gays i jail breaked my 4s
    i done it successfully now after two days my battery died n my fone is switched off n now m trying to start it again but it gets hanged when apple ikon appear
    u dont wana restore my device

    • Peter

      update your device on ios 6.02 your baterryproblem

    • Peter

      update your ios device on ios 6.02 to fix your battery problem

  93. Karthik

    Hi. I jailbreaked my iPhone 5 but the phone is still locked and I am not able to use other network carriers.

    Please suggest on how to unlock this iphone 5 after jailbreaking.

    Thank you.

  94. Tyler

    i jailbroke my iphone and then it died and lost the jailbreak so my installous and cydia isnt working.. i have no clue what to do and im scared of backin up my iphone or re jail breaking it incase it fucks up someone please save me with info on what to do..

  95. Proof

    Am I able to jailbreak ipad3 ios 6.0

  96. PhreshPotato

    I jailbroke my iPhone 5 yesterday with Evasi0n 1.4. My iPhone was on iOS 6.1.2. After using the jailbroken phone for a few hours it automatically shuts off (the screen just fades to black and turns off). I tried to turn it on again but it keeps freezing at the Apple Logo. I put it into recovery and tried to restore it on iTunes but it always said Error after preparing for phone restore. Please help! Thanks!

  97. neurosis

    i just jailbreak my ipad with evasion now my problem is tht i cant install any software wherever i try it shows failed msg. i used ifunbox n ipa installer.

  98. Colton

    I can’t get evasion to find my iPhone help plz

  99. Justin

    Does it give your computer a virus? (Mac)

  100. JOnathan

    HI i have an iphone 4s with ios 6.0.1
    i have windows vista.
    i start up the evasion jailbreak and it detects my phone and ios, so i press jailbreak but the loading bar barely moves and after a minute or so the program stops responding. help please!

  101. Steven

    I have an iPhone 4S jailbroken with evasion and my wifi is greyed out and doesn’t want to turn on. What do I do to turn it back on? Tried resetting the network settings and my wifi switch is still grey.

  102. deep

    hey i have bricked me iphone 4…..did jailbreaked it first time and removed cydia from phone istead of connecting to computer. and then try to upgrade to ios 6.1.2. now its not working. apple logo comes up and then shows usb cable poiting upwards towards itunes.

    tried holding vol button but doesnt work. what to do?

  103. Sumon

    now my iphone 3 gs firmware is 5.1.1(offiial-apple),can i install the jailbreak firmware 6.1.2?plz plz give me the answare.

  104. Midou

    i have jailbreaked my iphone 4 ios 6.1.2! but whenever i wanna install apps via itools or itunes there is a fail!!any suggestions!!?

  105. iskat

    after jailbreaking my iphone 4 ios 6.1.2 using evasion. it works fine but how can i resolve NO SERVICE. please help. thankyou.

  106. SHANE


  107. SHANE


  108. SHANE

    Why i couldn’t Update my iPhone software using update after i jailbreak it to ios 6.1.2 using Evasion??? i tried manytimes there in General and click “update software” nothing will show up what to do with this? please help anyone….?

  109. Anonymous

    Absolutely brilliant jailbreak… very fast and effective

  110. andrew

    my iphone 4 with last ios operation is already jailbroken but it has some bugs with rebooting (its stucking) and weather app bug. and if i jailbreak it again wil everything delete from my phones numbers apps photos and something ? already thanks who will replay with good answer )

  111. Ray

    I switch off my jailbreaker phone due to some reason,after that i found my cydia apps has not function anymore.can anyone assist me on this issue please.thanks

  112. Kaps

    I jailbroke my iPhone 4S running IOS 6.1.2 using evaisi0n 1.4. After successful jailbreak I had no service. I consulted numerous online forums and was advised to restore my phone using iTunes. It restored to IOS 6.1.3 and removed the jailbreak, however, I still have no service! For now I don’t care about the jailbreak, as regaining service is of first priority.

    Has anyone else encountered this issue? Any help is greatly appreciated!

  113. taylor

    so when it gets to the jailbreaking part after it turn s off well when it turns back on it says error code 4 waiting for springboard to show up on the coomputer. what do i do

  114. Guy

    help! I have a ipad mini have iexplorer installed on windows pc, I have lost my cydia icon and sbs settings I have tried everything I can see all the files in iexplorer so its there ive re jailbroke twice but I cant access them what do I do? im running ios 6.0.1

  115. ava

    trying to download evasion for windows stopped at 4% should i wait or start process over

  116. ishwor

    Please tellme wich best redsn0w/greenpoision/Evasion/ or snowbr..or other??please reply

  117. kenji

    Does not support V6.1.3

  118. Hanna

    Ok so jailbreak wasnt for me, because since I jailbroke it, my phone hasnt been brilliant to work with. It won’t charge normally (as in it takes absolute AGES for it to charge, Im talking 2%/hour) and I cant seem to uninstall it, as my phone (4S) isn’t regognised by iTunes. I can’t seem to find any good info on how to get this solved, and I really, really want this solved!
    Yesterday I tried to reset the phone completely (as I couldnt think of anything else to do) and all that happened was the spinning wheel, until the battery died ( again, Im talking ages) Turned it back on just now and it got back to exactly how it was before I tried to reset it. Someone help me PLEASE!!

  119. Adam Daieh

    Nice guide, but I also got the jailbreak for ios 6.1.3 here. I did it and it’s 100% working. Got the jailbreak and Cydia guide at iflowreader.com

  120. Mc L

    I introduced an apple iphone off eBay that was jailbroken to the new ios 4.1 from America. It had been jailbroken and so i can use my british sim. It was locked to AT&T network. I wish to update the telephone to iOS 5 but i’m not sure basically can perform that with no original sim. I additionally don’t wish to risk it and discover I can not utilize it like a phone. Any suggestions?

  121. musicistabest

    I lately up-to-date towards the new ios 7 and today after i plug my apple iphone 5 into my vehicle radio, the apple iphone involves the trust this monitor and that i click trust, however the radio states usb error after which switches to fm. I have to have it to believe the vehicle radio in order to play my music with the usb cord. How do you get my apple iphone to begin back playing properly?

  122. PolishPokeyPimp

    For instance GTA3 as well as vice city, both classic well-known excellent games. And both were launched for iOS, then PSN in regards to a month later. Why use them the application store before wearing them consoles? Many games appear to do this so there has to be some reason they find this effective

    im still waiting around the FFIV PS3 release, already placed on PSP and iOS.

  123. Smashing Pumpkins

    I truly wanna update my phone to iOS 7, however i also really wanna keep your jailbreak!

    I wanna know just when was the iOS 7 jailbreak planning to be released?

  124. Derek

    I needed to be aware what time does iOS 6 emerge. Whether it was 12 Eastern time I’d hang on to download it, but when it had been 12 western time i would not hang on.

  125. The Beatles

    I am thinking about purchasing a fifth generation ipod device Touch for that holidays, and I am wondering when the iOS 7 is going to be placed on that ipod device Touch or maybe I must update it using iTunes. And just how much memory will it occupy? 3 GB? Under 1 GB?

  126. fattiemanny

    I wish to understand what additional features the ipod device Touch 4G will have the ability to use/have following the IOS 5 update.

    Most detailed and particular answer will instantly (JustOrquick when i can) end up being the best solution.

    Thanks a lot!

  127. Taylor G

    Certainly one of my buddies registered my ipod device for that iOS 5 beta on his developer account, however I can not learn how to have it on my small ipod device. How do you download iOS 5?

  128. Lachlan

    I wish to install an apple iphone application on my small apple iphone 4 however it requires me to upgrade my iOs and I’d rather not do this because it makes my phone reduced previously.

    Does anybody know a means I’m able to install that application with no iOs upgrade?

  129. Bryan J

    Around the last operating-system i’d my mac on I possibly could switch to screen to negative be pressing control+option+command+8. After i installed IOS Lion it did not work any longer. What is the method of doing it for that new system?

  130. rashest_hippo

    Hello there. I am thinking about buying an Apple Factory Unlocked apple iphone 4s soon, and that i only agreed to be wondering what form of ios will include it. Interesting time.

  131. friendly 4

    Also, will it be up-to-date to the actual iOS 6 if this arrives?

  132. PoohBearPenguin

    So I wish to download this application in my ipad 1 however it requires ios 6 or later. I possess the latest update in my ipad that is ios 5.1.1 and that i have looked the web to find away out to download ios 6 to my ipad however it appears impossible. And So I question basically could make this application think I acquired ios 6 in some manner. I’ve jailbroken my Ipad just in case it is necessary. I’d be really grateful to have an response to this.

  133. Peter

    I cant sync my phone since i been with them synced to a different computer that no more works. Can One do An Iclouud backup around the beta, then downgrade to ios 6.Then update to ios 7,next obtain the iCloud backup I produced from the beta? Or shall we be held just screwed? Help Me!

  134. Cole

    Hey, i have used evasi0n jailbreak for six.1.2 bout 3 occasions, and that i installed iOS7 a few days early and so i needed to restore which obviously lost my jailbreak. Now, awaiting the iOS 7 to become jailbroken, let me know what’s the best jailbreaking software? And what is the distinction between the breakers? Because i have seen names like redsnow, and a lot of others one of the jailbreaking software. And That I tied to Evasi0n since the website appeared probably the most legit. But i have had issues with my jailbreak, crashes to safemode greater than i would like, it grew to become frustrating. I do not enjoy it free of charge applications, I possibly could care less about pirating applications, I similar to the personalization towards the small things it adds. So anyway, what’s most dependable, and just what software must i be following to have an iOS 7 update? Thanks

  135. PolishPokeyPimp

    I simply bought the Nokia lumia 900 not aware which i could not have a similar applications as ios and android. Can you really hack this phone in order to download applications which are unsupported with this phone?

  136. Mr SoLo DoLo

    It’s my step moms apple iphone and i believe the iOS she’s is 4.1 approximately. And she or he wants the iOS 6. Does it remove the contacts? Or pictures? Help. However the iTunes she’s using is my fathers computer to download the iOS 6 so she does not have anything supported.

  137. PolishPokeyPimp

    I have attempted upgrading my apple iphone 3rd generation to the new ios 4, however the backup takes FOREVER. So usually I finish up, simply not upgrading it, ’cause I truly not have the persistence.

    What is the simplest and fastest method to update my apple iphone 3rd generation to the new ios 4, without losing the data on my cell phone?

    And how come it take such a long time to begin with?

  138. Milk84

    I did previously possess a jailbroken apple iphone 3gs that used cydia however i have lately bought a Rim and no more require the jail break.

    I wish to upgrade my ios in order to save me needing to buy an ipod device.

    How do i do that?

  139. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior

    I had been just wondering basically even could upgrade it ios 7 and just how to get it done because after i look for update it keeps it on 6.3.1 or whatever. Is ios 7 only for more recent gen products? Thanks.

  140. Keegan

    i up-to-date to ios 5 after i been with them formerly jailbreaked with battery percentage. now on ios 5 i’ve battery percentage. is the fact that normal?

  141. Yoshi

    Okay, and so i supported my phone on IOS6 and upgraded to IOS7. After I blocked within my phone with IOS7 it erased my ios 6 support. Now I wish to return also it states that my backup is just compatible for IOS7. Irrrve never made an Icloud backup either…I’ve everything I would like after i bump look out onto ios7 but exactly how can i return to 6 and in some way transfer my contacts?!? I’ve got a Mac btw

  142. Lucas H

    I accidentally downloaded the new ios 4 last evening also it removed everything. Whenever I attempt to revive it reinstates towards the same desltop with Game Center. I would like to return to the initial firmware or OS it included. Is it feasible? Each time I restore, it reinstates for an old apple iphone that accustomed to sync to that particular computer.

  143. Dr Dorian

    my ipod device is the new ios 4.1 and I wish to update it to five.. like i stated prior to it being a fourth genaration, it’s not jailbroken, and that i have diabetes already supported onmy computer.

  144. Blake

    I have been searching for something similar to this, wondering whether it is available. Essentially, you watch a film on your pc, like normal- except the audio is streamed for your apple iphone or any other iOS device, to ensure that place inside your earphones. Therefore the internet effect could be type of like watching on your pc with earphones, consider you are hooking up your earphones for your apple iphone instead of your pc, you are able to walk around while it’s playing. Anybody are conscious of any application that performs this?

  145. Xedo

    I’ve an ipod device touch third generation. I’d to update it to ios 7 without itunes. Can one do this?

    Basically need itunes, do you know me how?

    Thanks ahead of time?

  146. Matthew

    I am thinking about buying an iOS device within the Philippines for that sole reason for GAMING. I have been seeing a lot of great games for iOS and I wish to purchase one.

    What’s usually the least expensive iOS device that’s great for gaming.

    Note: I’ve no clue about iOS products, so please pardon me should i be asking a stupid sounding question

    Things I need:

    1. able to play most games rich in spec requirement.

    2. NO LAG in playing a game title rich in spec requirement.

    Things I Do not need:

    1. giant screen.

    2. Texting. (i pointed out it just in case iTouch/ipod device can enjoy games rather than apple iphone)

    3. Any NON-GAMING application

    Essentially, when the only ipod device/iTouch can enjoy games rich in spec within the application store without LAG, i quickly goes for this. IF there a minimum of 1/4 from the games on appstore that may simply be performed in the latest apple iphone/iPad, i quickly think I’ll spend less to purchase that..

    I really hope I’m obvious on which I am asking and that i hope this is an easy question for iOS players available. Thanks ahead of time.

    If you’re within the Philippines or has investigated a prices list, kindly provide one. thanks.

    If you are a IOS gamer, are you able to also let me know what iOS device you’re gaming on? and just how much would you recommend something?

  147. Jairo

    I am thinking about purchasing an ipod device Touch this approaching Christmas, and I am just wondering when the current ipod device Touch may have the iOS 7 or maybe I must update it using iTunes. I am also wondering just how much storage will it occupy. 3 GB? Under 1 GB?

  148. Eric

    I’ve got a 4G 32gb ipod device Touch and i’m attempting to upgrade to iOS 5. It’s been a few days before it’s arrived on the scene and so i would expect that Apple fixed their servers in the release. Any help? BTW my internet is okay and absolutely nothing occasions out?

  149. Ramblin Spirit

    I’ve some unique suggestions for making games and also the platform that will suit that games is cell phone and so i had a trained of attempting to build up a credit card applicatoin of android and IOS.

    I wish to realize that do you know the needs if someone really wants to become a credit card applicatoin developer I’d downloaded Android SDK I wish to realize that can one develop applications not understanding C, C++ etc.

    I’ve experience of this area like me getting several blogs running coupled with done a lot of things with cell phones and devices.

  150. David

    I cant sync my phone since i been with them synced to a different computer that no more works. Can One do An Iclouud backup around the beta, then downgrade to ios 6.Then update to ios 7,next obtain the iCloud backup I produced from the beta? Or shall we be held just screwed? Help Me!

    Can One get into itunes and click on look for update without m phone syncing?

  151. Anny

    My iPhone’s been causing problems, and I haven’t got the cash to obtain a brand new one incase it stops working. Can there be anyway I’m able to run iOS applications on my small Mac laptop Professional?

  152. encyclopath

    I have never done any programming, so I am just wondering if finding out how to program an easy iOS application on my own is going to be an excessive amount of challenging for me personally. I’m a minimum of moderately adept with computer systems, being naturally wondering using new software/programs and getting some background in web/graphics, so I am hoping will be able to learn to do fundamental programming by myself.

    Thanks ahead of time! I am thinking about beginning small by looking into making an individual, experimental application (maybe something similar to a resume). Also, feel free, if you want, to talk about any tips concerning programming/learning application programming beside me.

  153. jordenkotor

    So, iOS 7 is going to be launched this fall and that i saw the ipod device Touch 4G wasn’t supported. I’m wondering if there have been anybody who’d have the ability to tweak the firmware to ensure that it might have the ability to focus on the ipod device Touch 4G. Or no individuals are focusing on it, could everyone please produce a hyperlink or let me know where I’m able to obtain the tweaked iOS from. Thanks!

  154. sick_mick_101

    I wish to update my ipod device touch to the new ios 4, however i don’t exactly know what is going to happen. Like, does it remove my applications and my tunes? And when my applications are erased, may be the progress held in games and the like? Oh, and it is the ipod device just destroyed, not iTunes? Because i wish to make certain I do not lose my music and games I have taken care of. THanks!

  155. thinkthought

    i’ve got a apple iphone 3gs running ios 3 and it is jailbroken unlocked. I wish to update it but must keep it jailbroken. How do i update it to ios 5.1.1 without wiping it or losing the jailbreak

  156. Cole

    I’m considering learning iOS in order to develop some applications for private use and purchase. I’m not a programmer by profession, so I would like a magazine that is not too filled with programmer lingo, and that is relatively obvious and intuitive. I’m not going anything “for idiot’s” or “idiot’s guide,” only a good, solid, obvious book. Thanks!

  157. Only Business

    What’s the best iOS to make use of when jail breaking an apple iphone 5?

  158. Sriram R

    I effectively installed iOS 7 onto my apple iphone 4S. Nevertheless it keeps giving me an activation error. How do i fix this without purchasing a designers account with apple?

  159. Ray D

    What exactly are the pros and cons of jailbreaking an iOS device?

    Particularly for that apple iphone 4S and also the new iPad.

    Also, do you know the risks involved when jailbreaking?

    Can somebody also let me know the way it effects the general speed/performance from the tool and battery existence?

  160. Kobe

    I’ve the standard apple iphone 4 and that i want cydia on ios 7 free of charge and that i need wherein does not require PC access, i can not jailbreak either, someone help in addition to a way will be able to do all on my cell phone thanks

  161. Dr Hank

    I presently possess a 32GB apple iphone 4, and I have never up-to-date it before. I have the initial software that I have had since I purchased it in the Verizon store. I am thinking about upgrading to iOS 7, but I am just worried that I’ll lose my important texts, notes, along with other things like that. Do you know the pros/cons of upgrading to iOS 7? Am I Going To lose any one of my important data?

  162. faris

    Why my phone stopped after the evasion has done?

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