Evasi0n7 1.0.6 Updated For iOS 7.0.6 Jailbreak

As you already know, Apple has decided to release another update for the iOS 7. In this respect, earlier today, the iOS 7.0.6 download was released and it is meant mostly for newer devices such as iPhone 5S encountering the SSL connection verification issue. Right after the iOS 7.0.6 release, Evad3rs released the Evasi0n7 jailbreak v1.0.6, offering the possibility to jailbreak iOS 7.0.6 for those who upgraded their devices to the latest software update.

It is worth mentioning the fact that, along with the new firmware update, the updated Evasi0n7 tool is still unchanged compared to earlier versions. Therefore, if you already performed jailbreak on iOS 7.0.5 or iOS 7.0.4, find out that the process is quite the same. For this, just check our iOS 7.0.5 Jailbreak with Evasi0n7 tutorial, and you will be just fine.


In what concerns the iOS 7.0.6, the update provides only an important security fix for the SSL connection verification. This means that only devices affected by this problem are recommended to start the update process. As stated, the iPhone 5S was the only device affected by the connection verification issue, as well as the older iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4G.

Before you start to jailbreak iOS 7.0.6, you need to make sure you run the iOS 7.0.6 firmware on your device. For this, you can easily update over iTunes, or you can check our list of download iOS 7.0.6 direct links. What I want to mention is that users should avoid updating over-the-air since it might cause problems during the jailbreak process. Just go with a direct link or iTunes in order update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

After you download Evasi0n7 v.1.0.6 from our Evasi0n download page, just follow our step-by-step Evasi0n7 v.1.0.5  for iOS 7.0.5 jailbreak tutorial and you will have a successful jailbreak process. Just keep in mind to run a fresh install of iOS 7.0.6 before you start the jailbreak process in order to avoid further problems.

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