Evasi0n Jailbreak Tool for iOS 6 / 6.1 Officially Released [Any iOS Version, All iDevices]

There are millions of users all over the world owning an iDevice, and they hardly waited for a proper jailbreak tool in order to perform an untethered jailbreak on their iOS 6.1 devices. This moment is finally here. After we kept in touch with all those portions of news revealed by the Evad3rs team during time, now, they finally offered us what we were looking for. The new jailbreak tool, Evasi0n is available for download. Also we have a complete step-by-step set of instructions with Evasion jailbreak for any iOS version on our site, check it out!

The new iOS 6.1 untethered jailbreak is now a fact. We are able to download Evasi0n and use it on any Apple device. This thing is possible due to its compatibility with all 22 iDevices available. Therefore, users will be able to start untethered jailbreak on older devices such as iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4th generation, but also on newer ones such as the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 5th generations and even on iPad 3, iPad 4 and the new iPad mini. However, the Apple TV 3 is the only device that it is not supported by the software. In the same time, what is great with Evasi0n jailbreak tool is the fact that it is compatible with any operating system. Therefore, users have the possibility to download and use the software on Windows, Mac and even Linux.

evasi0n, evasi0n jailbreak, evasi0n jailbreak tool, evasi0n untethered jailbreakIn order to make things clear for some of you, Evasi0n is a jailbreak tool, which performs untethered jailbreak on your Apple device, which runs iOS 6.0, 6.0.1, 6.0.2 and the latest iOS 6.1. This tool is user friendly; it has a clear interface and it is easy to use. However, for those of you who waited for the untethered jailbreak to be possible before upgrading their device to iOS 6.1 should not update their devices over the air. Alternatively, you should use the iTunes service to get the latest iOS firmware for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in order to benefit of the best features and options.

If you want to start untethered jailbreak on your device, you need first to fulfill some requirements. First, you need a device running on IOS 6.1. Secondly, you need a desktop computer which runs Windows XP or later, Mac OS X v10.5 and or later, and in the last part, Linux. In the last part, you need an USB cable to connect your device to your computer. This is for the physical part. On the other hand, you need to prepare your device for the untethered jailbreak using Evasi0n jailbreak tool. This means that you need to save your SHSH blobs on your current firmware and then to back up your personal data. I am sure that you do not want to lose all your personal files if something wrong happens during the process. Download Evasi0n jailbreak tool and start jailbreak in order to receive freedom over you device and to gain Cydia Store in the same time.

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