How to Enable iOS 7 Hidden Settings on iPhone 5S and iPad Air Using HiddenSettings7

All new devices have plenty of new options and features that can hardly wait for you to discover them. However, some of them might be quite hidden from common eyes, so most users will need a little bit of support in this respect. The HiddenSettings7 tweak offers plenty of great cool iOS 7 settings hidden by Apple from the view of the end user.

Released last week, HiddenSettings7 has soon followed by an update complete with full support and compatibility for the 64-bit processor of the iPhone 5S, iPad Air and iPad mini. As some of you already know, at its launch, the tweak offered only compatibility for older devices, but now, the update brings full support for the Retina-display A7 devices.

HiddenSettings7 for iOS 7 customization

In many cases, software developers create various features and apps, and they reveal them only in the last moment. However, these features might not be ready for a public release, or they might represent an unfinished work in progress. However, despite the reason why Apple neglected to add these additional settings with the prime time release of iOS 7, with the help of the HiddenSettings7, you will be able to make use of them all.

Having Cydia Substrate updated for ARM64 devices, the latest update of this amazing tweak will bring support for the 64-bit processor, empowered by the already mentioned devices. The specifications of each processor are all-but identical, but, in what concerns the performance, devices will vary. With all these in mind, the recent update of HiddenSettings7 will work just fine on each device now.

Exposing and using all these new features will allow jailbreakers to customize interactions, as well as the way in which certain aspects of the iOS device works. Users will be able to change the behavior of icon animations, folders, parallax scrolling, screen fade animations, as well as text legibility.

In the same time, as far as the changelog is concerned, the update also brings one of two bug fixes. Whether if they are not that notable and important as expected, I am sure that new iOS-device owners will definitely enjoy the update tweak.

As a last mention, HiddenSettings7 is compatible only with iOS 7, and it can be found at the BigBoss repository in Cydia. The tweak is free of charge, and once you install it, you will be able to access a vault of new and exciting settings. Users will be able to adjust and perfect their iOS 7 experience.

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