Enable FaceTime over 3G on iOS 6 [How to]

The FaceTime feature has become quite popular among users because it offers them the possibility to initiate face-to-face calls and connect to friends and family in a direct way. On previous iDevices, this feature was possible only with the help of a Wi-Fi connection. This can become quite annoying especially when you do not have permanent access to a Wi-Fi network. The good news with the iOS 6 is that it allows users to enable FaceTime over 3G, respectively the 4G connection.

It is more than useless to mention that you need to upgrade to iOS 6 if you want to make this option available. This is not all. FaceTime over 3G works only on iPhone 5, iPhone 4S or on the new iPad, the 3rd generation.

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Some carriers such as Verizon or Sprint do not offer this possibility to their customers. On the other hand, AT&T is more than available to offer you their services. So, if your carrier allows you to use the Shared Data Plan for this amazing feature, this is how you enable FaceTime over 3G on iOS 6. Enabling FaceTime feature over the 3G on iOS 6 is a simple and easy process.

Step 1. Open the main menu and tap on the Settings app.

Step 2. Search for the FaceTime feature.

Step 3. At the bottom of your screen, choose the Use Cellular Data option.

This is it. Now, you are able to initiate or receive FaceTime calls from your friends using the 3G or 4G connection. As users suggested, FaceTime feature works pretty much the same on 3G as on the Wi-Fi connection. However, if your carrier does not allow you to make Face-to-face calls over 3G and you are not fond of FaceTime calls; you should stick with the iOS 5.1.1. In this way, you still have the possibility to jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 and use the 3G Unrestricted 5. This tweak allows you to use your Data plan to initiate face time calls instead of Wi-FI.

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