Enable Automatic Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Dim Brightness on iOS 7 When Battery is Low

A long-life battery on your smartphone might seem like an impossible thing to for most of us, especially when we have so many features and options available. In the same time, battery saving and power monitoring apps and tweaks are quite popular on Cydia store. Moreover, in this respect, I am sure that you will want to try out this amazing new app: BatterySafe.

The tweak for jailbroken devices is quite simple, and it monitors the current levels of internal battery. As some of you might already know, the Fruit Company offers user-facing warnings when your battery level reaches 20% and 5%. However, these warnings are actually just visual messages, and they do not offer any other support for changing this problem.

BatterySafe Tweak to Save battery

In what concerns BatterySafe, the tweak tries to warn users through a couple of steps in order to offer some time in order for users to have the possibility to change some things and to perform specific actions based on the low-level battery warnings. However, the tweak also has the power to switch off certain power hungry services.

The built-in options of the package allow Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to be switched off when the battery is nearly depleted on the device  and reaches a critical level. In what concerns the Bluetooth, since the function is nearly unusable for newer devices, this option might be regarded as unnecessary. In the case of Wi-Fi, the option is understandable.

As another important feature, BatterySafe also offers the user the possibility to dim the brightness of the display based on a power warning. Having all these options, I am sure that this simple yet powerful tweak can be more than useful for numerous users. However, a little bit more accessibility will be more than welcomed.

Since the new improved iOS 7 makes the ControlCenter more accessible and users can easily toggle various features right from here, BatterySafe does not bring something very notable. Nonetheless, for those who do not want to deal with any of these problems, I am sure that this app is more than useful, especially for those users who are always out and far from a power outlet.

As you can imagine, the BatterySafe tweak is available within the BigBoss repository as a free-of-charge download. As far as the changelog is concerned, there is no specific mention of a minimum iOS dependency.

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