Early Apple iPhone Prototype with 5”x7” Display Revealed

Recently, a former Apple employee revealed the images of the wider iPhone prototype. He suggested the fact that this represents only a project from a wider list of projects established after 2000 within the Fruit Company. The prototype displays 5 inches width and 7 inches height, which suggests more an iPad mini design rather than a former iPhone. In the same time, the device was not slim at all. It showed two inches thickness, which is pretty much if it is compare to the current iPad mini, which is only a quarter of an inch.

Early iPhone Prototype

Moreover, the early iPhone prototype owned a notable number of ports used mostly for computer rather than on mobile devices. These ports included USB ports, Ethernet port and even a serial port. This is pretty uncommon for a portable smart device with the purpose of making phone calls. In what concerns the hardware part, the processor was not that different to the one that was contained by the first iPhone released in 2007. The ARM chip looks like an alternative for the Samsung’s S3C2410.
The processor used on the early device was an ARM9 chip while the iPhone revealed in 2007 used an ARM11 chip. What is necessary to note here is the fact that Apple planned to use Samsung in developing one of their first projects.

Sources suggest that this prototype can easily represent the prototype of a tablet instead of an iPhone. This argument is attested especially by the confession of Steve Jobs within a public release saying that his first project concerned a tablet based on a multitouch technology. With all things following their normal course, the iPhone was developed and released. The iPad took them some time before it has become a real project.

However, as I mentioned before, this is only an early prototype of the first iPhone that was revealed in 2007. The 5×7 prototype of a multitouch iPhone indicated the eagerness of the Fruit Company to use a small computer as a pocket device. At that time, no one would know for sure how the future device might look like. When Apple changes and improves each one of its released devices in different manners, it is quite hard to predict for sure how a future device will look like.

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