Dual-Head Vibration Motor for Apple’s Low-Cost iPhone

In what concerns the next Apple product in the iPhone line, many rumors indicate the fact that the Fruit Company is bidding on a low cost iPhone that would reach different marketplaces. Recently, a new image, which represents the first physical evidence of Apple’s cheaper iPhone, appeared online displaying a ribbon cable with a dual-head vibration motor, as well as other bodily parts.

This is the first component of the alleged low-cost iPhone that users are able to see. According to its author, the Macotakara blog, it appears that the dual-head vibration model is probably a part of the low cost device developed by the Cupertino-based company.

Dual-Head Vibration Motor

For the previous devices, and this includes the iPhone 5 released last year, Apple used a single head rotational vibration motor with a counterweight. This probably explains the fact that the iPhone 5 vibrated in a different manner compared with the rest of iDevices. In case of iPhone 4S, the Fruit Company decided to use a quieter liner oscillating vibrator.

Macotakara suggests the fact that a bigger component for the vibrate function might be designed for a cheaper  iPhone. Apparently, the component is cheaper in production and it will fit perfectly in a thicker, less expensive iPhone case, just   as the case of the low-cost iPhone.

However, along with the dual-head vibration motor component, the picture also revealed a flex cable, which seems to connect to the iPhone’s standard volume rocker and mute switch buttons.Both the cable and the vibration motor look pretty much the same as the recently leaked iPhone component pictures.

As you know, last month, another picture displaying a different vibration motor part was revealed. The image presented also a dual-head design being part of a flexible cable. At that time, rumors suggest the fact that the component was meant for the production of the iPhone 5S. Together with the vibration component, a different picture suggesting the underpinnings of the home button was revealed. Each home button component displays a serial number similar to those we find on iPhone 5.

According to all recent rumors, Apple is planning to unveil the upgraded iPhone 5 and namely the iPhone 5S, and a low-cost iPhone which is designed to reach poor marketplaces. In this way, all people around the world will own an Apple device.

The well-awaited cheaper iPhone is supposed to have a plastic casing, cheaper components and a thicker design. Since the iPhone 5S is expected somewhere in the middle of the summer, or at the beginning of the third quarter, all we have to do is to wait and see if Apple will reveal two different handsets at the same time.

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