DropBox for iPhone and iPad [User’s Guide]

DropBox for iPhone and iPad has become one of the most used alternatives for online storage. In this way, users can store high amounts of files, data or personal information.  For this, you need an internet connection in order to access all files whenever you want. However, there is also the possibility to access certain favorite files in an offline mode. You get to save and access them even though you do not have an internet connection. Here, I want to offer you a short user’s guide concerning the DropBox for iPhone and iPad.

DropBox for iPad and iPhone

Once you get to know how to use it, you will see how simple and effective will turn out to be. So, first, before you start using DropBox for iPhone and iPad, you need to make a DropBox account which will be linked to your computer. It is called the online drive or the DropBox. Once you have created a DropBox account, you need to know how to manage your files.

You can upload documents, files, photos or even videos. Each one of these files can be easily emailed or favorited. This means that you can access it when you run in the offline mode.The Camera Roll saves all your photos, which can be accessed later, anytime you want. In the case of Excel files for example, you can easily open a file saved in the DropBox, but you need to choose the program you want to use to open it.If you want to upload new files on your DropBox account, you just pick the files, images or videos you want to upload right in the Upload Section. All these files will be available on any device as long as it has DropBox installed on it. There is an upload limit per file. You cannot upload files over 180 MB. In the same time, the maximum upload amount is of 2GB storage space. If you want to upgrade your DropBox account to 50GB storage, you need to pay up to $99.99.

What is different with this amazing service is the fact that DropBox for iPhone and iPad can be easily accessed from any other operating system and it works pretty well on iOS, Android, Windows and even Linux. Therefore, as long as you have a DropBox account, you can access your personal files from any other operating system.

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