Download Seas0nPass Untethered Jailbreak for Apple TV 5.3

Good news for Apple TV owners has just been revealed today. A new version of the famous jailbreak tool Seas0nPass has just been released, and it brings untethered jailbreak for the Apple TV 5.3 firmware running on the second generation Apple TV hardware. The news is not alone since the jailbreak developers, FireCore, promised that progress has been made on Apple TV 6.0+ as well, so all we have to do is to wait for a couple of days.

Since recently we witnessed the release of the well-awaited untethered jailbreak tool, Evasi0n, introduced by the Evad3rs, it was only a matter of time until the Apple TV jailbreak version was unveiled and tested.

Seas0nPass for untethered jailbreak on Apple TV 2

As far as Seas0nPass is concerned, the tool has strongly been revised holding a number of changes that are meant to offer some relief and support for all passionate Apple TV owners. In the same time, a TV flash (Black) has also received an update to version 2.4 and now it brings support for Apple TV 5.3 untethered and much more.

As far as the changelog is concerned, the 2.4 Seas0nPass version for untethered jailbreak on Apple TV 5.3 brings added support for the untethered Apple TV 5.3, improved reliability during the installation process, improved diagnostic reporting, as well as other notable fixes and improvements.

However, there are no details on when or if, any support for the third-generation of Apple TV unit will be offered. Nonetheless, since progress has been made on the jailbreak front for the Apple TV 6.0+ on second generation of devices, I am pretty sure that we will hear some good news in the following days.

For those who are running on the 5.3 firmware on Apple TV 2G, you are free to download the new version of Seas0nPass tool both for Windows and for Mac from the links offered bellow in order to start untethered jailbreak on your smart device.

Download Links

Download Seas0nPass for Windows

Download Seas0nPass for Mac

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