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The first step in jailbreaking any iOS device is to download Redsn0w, the jailbreak tool. This amazing software was created by the iPhone Dev Team in order to jailbreak all iOS devices including iPhone 3GS/4/4S, iPad 1/2 and iPod Touch models. Now, with a simple Redsn0w download, users can easily jailbreak any iOS firmware and almost all Apple devices.

redsnow, redsn0w, download redsnow, download redsn0wThe Redsn0w jailbreaking tool could be easily considered to be the most stable jailbreak tool available on the market. Despite the fact that there are many jailbreaking utilities out there, Redsn0w has managed to be a proper tool, constantly updated throughout the years providing constant support for almost all devices and iOS versions.

As a matter of fact, for those of you who do not know, Redsn0w actually evolved from the jailbreak tool Quickpwn, a jailbreak tool used to jailbreak the second generation of iOS. At this point, Redsn0w can be used to jailbreak almost all firmware versions of the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

One of the greatest benefits of Redsn0w is that the tool is cross compatible with both desktop computer operating systems. Unlike other popular jailbreak tools, Redsn0w offers support both for Windows and Mac operating system. In the past, all jailbreak tools available were compatible only with a certain operating system, which actually limited the user base of that respective tool.

However, one of the most important functions of the Redsn0w tool is the ability to jailbreak almost any iOS device and to install Cydia, the third-party app store, on it. Besides this, when first launching Redsn0w on an iOS device, users will be able to notice two main sections: Jailbreak and Extra.

Under the Extra menu, there are a few other functions incorporated in the Redsn0w utility:

  • Just Boot
  • Pwned DFU
  • Recovery Fix
  • SHSH Blobs

The last option is more than useful since it allows users to manage and save SHSH blobs of their running iOS firmware. This offers the possibility to downgrade to a previous version of iOS firmware even if Apple no longer signs for it.

In the same time, Redsn0w has the ability to perform both tethered and untethered jailbreak depending on the device and on the firmware version, the device is running. The different between these two different versions lays on the level of benefits the devices will gain.

For example, an untethered jailbreak is more desirable since it allows users to reboot your device anytime you want without needing to perform a tethered boot and connect your device to a computer. On the other hand, the tethered capability offered by Redsn0w is a little bit more uncomfortable because it requires a reboot with the aid of a computer each time your device is turned off.

Redsn0w untethered jailbreak

There are some cases when users are not advised to use this specific jailbreak tool. For example, due to the fact that Redsn0w used to require users to update an iOS device to a newer version of iOS in order to perform jailbreak, the tool caused users to lose their ability to unlock their devices. If you have an unlocked device, you should stay away from Redsn0w if you want to still have this status. However, it is worth mentioning that this happens in the case of the older versions because now, the software was updated and it does not give this risk anymore.

At this point, users have the possibility to perform a quick Redsn0w iOS 7 jailbreak download and get their favorite jailbreak tool in order to start jailbreak on any iOS 7-running device. However, it is worth mentioning the fact that, so far, Redsn0w offered the ability to jailbreak only old devices such as pre-A5 iPhones and iPod Touches. It is likely to see an update of Redsn0w in the following days since Apple is preparing to release the GM version of the iOS 7.1 firmware.

Bellow, you can find Redsn0w download links for all Redsn0w versions available designed for jailbreaking any iOS firmware on almost any iOS device, as well as the latest version of Redsn0w for iOS 7/7.0.3 for all pre-A5 iPhones and iPod Touches. Moreover, on our page, we provide you useful step-by-step tutorials for performing a successful jailbreak on all iOS devices. Feel free to check our latest step-by-step tutorial on How to Jailbreak iOS 6.1.3 using Redsnow on iPhone 3GS/iPhone 4/iPod Touch 4.

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