Download RedSnow 0.9.12b2 for Windows and Mac

The popular RedSnow tool released by the Dev Team has been improved in order to offer full support for older devices running on iOS. I know that some users complain about various bugs and issues, but if you download RedSnow 0.9.12b2 for Windows and Mac, you will be able to perform jailbreak for almost all iDevices. Since millions of users want to jailbreak their devices as soon as possible, RedSnow 0.9.12b2 turns out to be the perfect jailbreak tool if you want to keep your media files safe. I know that most of you own a notable collection of songs and videos and through jailbreak, you risk of losing them all.

With this latest version you will be able to back up your files and restore them after the process is completed with the help of the DFU ramdisk method. In the same time, since some iPhone 3GS users complained about various problems, this minor update brings bug fixes for iBooks. The good news is that new RedSn0w 0.9.12b2 supports both Windows and Mac. However, if you already jailbroke your device, you should not start jailbreak using RedSn0w all over again unless you experience various problems.

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