Download OS X Maverick 10.9 Developer Preview 8

With the rumored October 15 release event, the clock is ticking for the big Cupertino-based company. In order to prepare its operating system to greet the public, Apple has recently released OS X Mavericks 10.9 Developer preview 8.

Since all Apple rumors focused mostly on the new iPhone models and the imminent release of iOS 7, it seems like the Fruit Company has left aside its famous operating system for Macs. In order to infirm these rumors, the OS X engineers are working hardly in the background.

Download OS X Mavericks DP 8

The latest release represents what is essentially the eight beta in the test-software. This is the developers’ chance to focus on bugs, problems and alternative issues that have been reported by developers through the company’s bug reporting tool. What brings the OS X Mavericks as a change is the updated version of iTunes 11.1.

Therefore, Developer Preview 8 includes an updated version of iTunes 11.1 with improved apps manager. The iTunes 11.1 is currently available in beta on the DeveloperCenter, and it is likely to be released along with the iOS 7 on September 18th.

As in the case of iOS 7, multiple rumors and increased excitement surrounds Apple OS X Mavericks. It is worth mentioning the fact that the software update does not offer a major improvement or a graphical overhaul. However, it does offer enough changes and improvements to make it a desired update.

The OS X Mavericks is not well awaited just because it is a software update. People expect the software update mainly because it will offer multiple new features such as the new and improved tabbed Finder application, as well as enhanced dual-screen monitor support.

In what concerns the new Maps application, it appears that Apple has transformed it into something extremely powerful and efficient. What is sure is the fact that it does not display the same errors and problems as it happened in the case of Apple Maps on iOS 6.

MacBook Pro and Air users will definitely be excited about OS Maverick’s features regarding the advanced power saving features, which are introduced as a part of the software update. However, the most dramatic improvement in battery life for consumers will definitely be represented by the Intel Haswell powered MacBook Pro hardware.

Until last week, it was rumored that Mavericks would be released alongside a number of new Mac products as a part of the Cupertino event. However, now the whole focus lays on an additional media event, which is rumored to take place in the middle of October, along with a new iPad.

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