“Download Later” Option for Larger Files on iTunes 11, iOS 6

As some users suggested, Apple added the Download Later option for larger media files for its famous iTunes service on iOS devices. The new option is more than welcomed since many users requested the possibility to buy content now but download it later.The “Download later” option concerns mostly larger media files such as videos, movies, TV shows or music box sets.

At this time, when users visit the iTunes service for purchasing a certain large item, a new window will pop up asking for a quick download or download later. There is even the option of downloading all items at once with the “Download All” button. The “Later” option appears right near the download one and it will offer users the possibility to download a certain file over the Wi-Fi, or later, when the user has more time for the process.

Download Later Option on iTunes 11

Whenever the “Later” button is used, the purchased items will be added to the iTunes account within the Purchases section, and they will become available for streaming or downloading in the future via Apple’s iTunes in the Cloud service. This feature is pretty useful for users who want to buy a movie or another item on sale using the data connection. In this way, users will be able to get the best prices for certain favorite items and then, to download them later using another internet connection such as a Wi-Fi connection. Along with the Cloud option, users are even able to stream movies without downloading them using the iCloud service.

It is worth mentioning the fact that this new option related to the iTunes “Download Later” feature is available only for those who live in countries or regions where Apple Supports iTunes in the Cloud for video and audio. The official Apple website offers an accurate list with all countries supported.

As it was stated above, the “Download Later” option is exclusively available for larger media files such as TV seasons, Season Passes, movie bundles, individual movies, TV episodes or music box sets. For smaller files such as music albums or individual music tracks, the process will be the same as before meaning that users will have the possibility to download any item right in the moment of the purchase.

Since the feature is new and improved, it requires iTunes 11 installed on a desktop computer and iOS 6 or higher for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

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